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Association A.N.I.E - Association Nationale pour l'Incinération des Equidés - Signez la pétition pour le droit à l'incinération des équidés. L'association ANIE mène ce combat, aidez-nous à y parvenir...

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City: 2.3387 , France

  • sally cao - Great Solution

    This item does a great job getting rid of the odor from my guinea pig's urine. Sometimes there is a small bit of a stain remaining that the product does not completely remove, however it may be due to how it is slightly difficult to pour out the solution in the bottle, since it is in the form of a spout.

  • Robert A. Yourell - Flaws Nobody Talks About

    The large number of features and power of OneNote make it's limitations all the more galling. The biggest problem for me is that OneNote outlines (whether page level, pages, or sections) do not transfer their functionality to Word (or vice versa). Once the text is in Word, the heading styles are lost. That's just goofy. The Outline capacity in Word is very important. If you haven't tried it, fire up Word and click View Outline. There's plenty of info on how to use the Outline feature in Word. This is so obvious, and so easy to fix (persistence of level styles is all I ask).