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  • Stephen Condra - Fast does not equal "quick charge." Be forewarned.

    I had very high hopes for this. I was let down. It charges much slower than its description says. I have multiple quick charge devices, and nothing quick charges. I think maybe I was confused by the slick marketing and "fast" charging is not the same as quick charging. Oh well. I'll not buy another one of these and I won't recommend them in the future.

  • Christopher L. Stevens - Much better than I expected!

    This is a really well made headset. Comfortable and easy to use. I'm super impressed with the types of experiences I've already had with it. It's not perfect. The tracking can be a little finicky and and the games, while good are usually on the shorter side. I'm really excited to see where PSVR goes. The hardware is there, now we just need to see the games.

  • Robby T. - Solid

    Sturdy wrench set for everyday uses. I have not needed to remove anything so tough as a rusted nut, but for the everyday applications I have encountered so far it has shined. The wrenches seem sturdy.

  • bruce hartz - I followed the detailed written and video directions exactly as directed and the install went great and easy

    WOW! Just got my intelliGLASS for a Nivida Shield tablet. I have used this product for all my families phones but I was a little worried about the install on a big tablet screen. NO Worries! I followed the detailed written and video directions exactly as directed and the install went great and easy. Love the intelliGLASS looks, feel and it's anti-smudge properties. Good Job!

  • Amazon Customer - does work well tastes good

    I lost 2 lbs in 4 days . I like the taste and was seeing results the only thing is it raises my BP-its too bad for me- I thought I found my gold mine in losing weight,. I still give it a 5 star rating. I had to stop using it only for that reason. I am unfortunately highly sensitive to Caffeine.. even though green coffee extract not suppose to increase bp but it did to mine.. its still a good product for those who can have caffeine.. I say use this instead of coffee and you will get nutrition and lose weight at the same time and get the boost you need in the morning. Good luck to everyone's journey in achieving their best.

  • Lucy D - Really nice, thick natural cream

    The list of ingredients is clean, it's really thick and doesn't get all melty like some other cremes, and has a nice natural smell. Effectiveness is being put to the test as our daughter has her first bad rash so we'll see if it does the trick.