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  • Jacob J. - Im VERY HAPPY i found this book; it changed my life.

    My anxiety together with my tactile and sound sensitivity were creating a lot of emotional pain in my life. After many months and years of searching for a solution to my conditions, and trying many supplements, techniques, and reading tons of books without finding a real solution to my problems, i found Gut and Psychology Symdrom. This book saved my life. The info i found in this book about how diet, coupled with an imbalance of bacteria in the gut, can affect your psychological health, was eye opennig. today my inxiety is under control, my tactile and sound sensitivity is very minimal. I recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing any of the condictions i mentioned before, or if u just want to be healthy. Thanks God and Dr. Natasha Campbel for such a wounderful and helpful book!

  • Joseph S. Upton - OK...but I have a better idea

    Sage 50 is a good product but there is a better one out there. It's called "Peachtree 2006". Why? Because every time Microsoft puts out a new operating system accounting programs like Peachtree Sage 50 and Quickbooks have all sorts of problems adjusting to the new system. These problems can take years to sort out and then there is the problem of operating system updates. Accounting programs need to be ROCK SOLID. That is MUCH more important than "new features" that you will probably not use. So here is my advice. Get about 3 or 4 old computers with Windows XP activated on them (in case one breaks). Load it with Peachtree 2004 or 2005 or 2006 (newer versions are changed to "handle" Vista). Make sure the XP computers are only running "service pack 1 or possibly 2...not 3. Make sure your XP computer is NOT "online" so there is no danger of viruses or unwanted updates. Make sure you have a disc copy of any Peachtree "updates" (if you have to put the data on a backup machine they have to have the same "peachtree update version"...there are usually at least 2 different updates for each yearly Peachtree product. To put it another way, don't use the internet to "update" your Peachtree 200X version to 200X.1 Make sure you have ALL the serial numbers, registration numbers, company numbers for your Peachtree disc. Now you are totally FREE from any worries about problems caused by Sage, Microsoft, the internet, or your main computer breaking. You will still be able to do payroll manually (unlike Sage 50 2013 which eliminates that feature). If you need the internet for something...use another computer. Don't use the one with Peachtree on it. This system may sound extreme...but it WORKS ALL THE TIME !!!

  • letusunite - Great purchase so far!

    The reorganization and coloring of the book is well worth it to me. I don't know if there is going to be a 28-page errata sheet, but I hope not. The 2012 errata have been fixed, so if you haven't annotated in your FA at all, get this book. The coloring and re-coloring of some of the text is well worth it, in my opinion. The information is easier to get through, and I like the organization. Good luck out there!

  • Mystery lover - So Glad Aurora is Back!

    I am so happy that Aurora is back! I think this is one of the best ones yet. The only oddity, and I am listening to the audio book, is that there is an editorial error unless I missed something. In the audio version, wonderfully narrated by Therese Plummer, Roe tells her friend Amina about her pregnancy twice! The first time is on the phone and the second time in person. Doesn't change the fact that I love Roe and Robin and the entire cast of characters. I hope there are many more to come.

  • Lewis Moore - Don't do Europe without Rick

    My wife and I have been to Europe 4 times in the last 10 years. The most important companion for us is Rick Steves. Every time I go I purchase other guide books, but when it comes down to the best advice and recommendations, you cannot beat Rick. The Rome book is very thorough and every place He recommended came as he said, never over glossed, just honest advice. He also has the best advice on transportation needs which is where most guide books fail. Getting around Rome was a breeze with his directions.

  • M. Kohl - Really works.

    Urea helps heel dry cracked feet and this product contains 25% urea which is more then most other similar products. It's a balm not a lotion so it's thick and stays on. If you apply it before bedtime and put on a pair of socks of footies you'll notice a big difference the next day. Be sure to wash hands after application because it very irritating to the eyes if your accedently rub them. The product may be good for hands but I were to use it for that I would put it on at bedtime and wear a pair of soft cotton gloves as to avoid touching my eyes while a slept.

  • Stuart U - Very great product. It works well in softening the hairs

    Very great product. It works well in softening the hairs. A little bit goes a very long way so much so that I am still having trouble with using too much. While the product does say it is unscented, it does actually have a very minute scent to it. It is nothing too drastic and is just the natural smell of the oil. IT has a kind of woodsy outdoor scent that goes away quickly after the oil is dried or absorbed into the hair and skin. I would definitely buy this again but it will be a while because this is a big bottle and not a lot needs to be used.