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  • Robert - Its a nice reusable hand warmer

    This hand warmer works as good as the one time use hand warmers you get from CVS. Although I wish they would of make one using butane or some thing that doesn't have a continues fuel evaporating. Also the lighting process of the hand warmer could be a real hassle cause if you're using a zippo lighter, during the process of lighting the hand warmer, the lighter itself would get as equally hot as the hand warmer itself and can easily get burn by your own lighter if you're not careful. I switch to using a bic lighter with a cup of water on the side to dip the lighter in to cool it down (you can hear the sizzling sound when the hot lighter hit the cold water). So beware that your lighter will heat up in the process of getting this hand warmer started. Once the hand warmer is lit, you can stop it by just holding the hand warmer firmly on your left hand and using the palm of your right hand to bang on top of the hand warmer until you hear a rattle sound. That sound mean the burner is off of the hand warmer which mean that it will slowly stop burning cause the burner is not getting any fuel from the hand warmer once its off of the hand warmer. The hand warmer it self gives good heat through out the metal casing so its a good reusable hand warmer but its a little pricy cause you need to buy zippo lighter fluid to refuel it since the fuel constantly evaporating even if you don't have the hand warmer lit up. Also, some people say its smelly cause of the lighter fluid evaporating but I kinda like the smell of it but if you don't like the smell of zippo lighter fluid then it probably not ideal for you to carry this around with you since you will be smelling it no matter where you put it in your jacket.

  • latehippy - Great value! Does everything it should

    Great value! Does everything it should, easy enough software once I got it set up (that was a bit of a struggle, but attribute to user error).

  • Joyce Collier - ... was skeptical of this purchase but I am so glad I own one of these

    I was skeptical of this purchase but I am so glad I own one of these. I have aches and pains from symptoms of auto immune disease and use this Pain Reliever for 15 minute intervals on sore muscles. Works like a charm. The pad is soft and rubbery but the unit itself it rigid so it can be hard to place on the neck. When all else fails I reach for Light Relief and feel better after treatment. Two friends have tried it for back pain and liked it as well. Light Relief has been added to my arsenal of pain relievers and good alternative if you don't like to take pain pills frequently.

  • Roy Hobbs - Simply Amazing!

    This is a fantastic album that really showcases Gaga's incredible vocal abilities. In addition, the songs are really well written too. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them become standards in the future covered by other people. Yes, it's different than her previous stuff, but it's also great to see Lady G. expanding her range and stripping down her sound. I hope I'll get to see her perform these songs in concert.