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  • wongone - Stress relief???

    I ordered these because I had been reading how ingesting Kava root could produce stress relieving results. The directions say to take one capsule. If you take one capsule, you will probably not notice a damn thing. If you take four to eight of them, you feel something, but I would not call it a "stress relieving feeling." It is more of an irritating feeling if anything; it produces a kind of light-headed/headache-y feeling. In my experience with this product, I would say that it does not produce the intended results. But the same can be said for many herbs. Hell, sometimes even a strong cup of coffee won't wake you up in the morning. Point being, results are going to vary from individual to individual, but if you are really interested in this stuff, I would do a Google search for the website for the company that is based in Hawaii that also makes this stuff. They claim to produce Kava with a much higher percentage of Kavalactones.

  • DEEJAY - Great Product Good Price!

    Took this product along with Best Nattokinase and where I was formerly feeling a pressure on either side of my neck whenever I sat forward I no longer have this problem. I could feel the pressure melting away after only taking the product for 1 week. I will continue to take these products every few months to ensure to keep my arteries clear. I also recommended them to an aunt who had a stroke with 75% blockage in her carotid. She is now doing extremely well and is making a comeback. I will continue to recommend these products to anyone who will listen.

  • Douglas Ramsey - Awesome box

    This is by far the best box on the market.. The other company that thinks their PRO can't hold a light to this box. I've got 2 Alpine Type R 12's and they hit hard and loud. What's cool is it fits perfect under the seat and people r in wow thinking you had to go out and spend tons of money on something custom to house sub's this size. Its like rino lined it will last forever. You won't be disappointed..

  • James R. - Excellent clarity and lifelike sound, well worth the price in both audio quality and performance

    After about 1.5 years having a set of Image Dynamics CXS64 V.2 components in my vehicle, I felt that I needed more. After doing the research and reading reviews and car audio forums, I decided to purchase the Hertz Audio HSK-165's. From the moment I opened the box, I had a feeing these would be good. First, the build of the HV.165 6.5" midranges are very exceptional quality; they feature trick fiber mesh cones, over-sized magnets (larger than on my CXS64’s), a very stout die-cast aluminium basket, and a grille is included. The HT.25 1” tweeters are soft-dome style but have a grill built in, and include 4 different mounting options in the box: flush mount, 30-degree surface mount, and 60-degree surface mount, and what I ended up using: a “factory location” mount, which is a mounting cup with breakaway side tabs. The tabs have multiple holes/slots to match your factory dash speaker mounting hole spacing when you install these tweeters in their place. The included passive crossovers are a fairly large, but contain high quality components and a very detail-oriented construction.

  • A. R. Pellegrino - good stuff

    Genacol Collagen was recommended to my wife by our doctor, improves skin tone, at this point it seems to be quite effective

  • DC Shopper - Best Insecticide on the Market

    This product is manufactured in Louisiana and formulated to kill the bugs from a swamp area. I lived there and have been using the product for over 15 years. I do not use anything other than Bengal. Worth the money.