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Welcome to the Coroners Court of Victoria - Coroners Court of Victoria - The Coroners Court of Victoria website will help you become familiar with the role of the court and provide some information about the coroner's investigation process.

  • http://www.coronerscourt.vic.gov.au/find/translations+brochures/ Translations - Coroners Court of Victoria - Publications available in languages other than english by the Coroners Court of Victoria.
  • http://www.coronerscourt.vic.gov.au/home/about+us/virtual+tour/ Welcome - Coroners Court of Victoria - Welcome page for the Coroners Court Virtual Tour containing the interactive roll-over interactive map. Watch videos exploring the court and its operations.
  • http://www.coronerscourt.vic.gov.au/home/about+us/ About Us - Coroners Court of Victoria - The information in this section details the responsibility of the coroners including the types of deaths they must investigate as well as the obligations of specific parties who must notify the court when those deaths occur.
  • http://www.coronerscourt.vic.gov.au/home/family+information/ Family Information - Coroners Court of Victoria - The Coroners Court of Victoria Family Liaison Officer offers experienced staff who can provide assistance when a death occurs suddenly, unexpectedly or in traumatic circumstances.
  • http://www.coronerscourt.vic.gov.au/home/examinations+and+autopsies/ Examinations and Autopsies - Coroners Court of Victoria - This section of the website details a number of medical examinations commonly undertaken as part of the court's investigation into a death including preliminary examinations and autopsies.
  • http://www.coronerscourt.vic.gov.au/home/in+the+courtroom/ In the Courtroom - Coroners Court of Victoria - This section of our website provides information about our court procedures including inquests, findings, interested parties and recommendations.
  • http://www.coronerscourt.vic.gov.au/home/coronial+investigation+process/ Coronial Investigation Process - Coroners Court of Victoria - This section of the website provides information about the various areas within the court that collectively investigate deaths and fires throughout the coronial process.

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    City: 144.9544 Victoria, Australia

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