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  • Bryan Travis - Good replacement for stock mudflaps.

    The mudflaps came with some fasteners, and were a great replacement for the stock mudflaps which had cracked on my 2005 Tacoma. Along with the mudflaps I purchased a kit of the plastic push-pin type clips to replace the old ones (the stock clips have a tendency to break in half instead of coming out nicely). As the flap is designed, there was one mounting hole on the truck which is covered by the flap but I suspect this is due to the flap being designed to cover several models. If you feel the need to use all of the mounting holes, you will need to modify the mudflap to make this possible.

  • Amazon Customer - Do not buy this clock radio.

    Terrible overall device programmed by a younger person who simply said I will make it different so no one can use it easily. The good point: Clear display, better sound than most cheap things currently in the store. Bad things: Many. No tactile feel to buttons. In fact there are no buttons only touch areas and you will never feel the difference from any setting. This means that when waking up there is one micro spot to point your finger and touch or you will go into other modes. Stupid. The instructions miss things that confuse. Programmer Billy says use the same lit icon to alter 4 or 5 functions. You must hold it for his idea of 3 seconds then touch it again and again to change to other functions just to set it up and his 3 seconds are different lengths than 3 seconds. So push soft or harder plus multi-tapping on certain icons in certain sequence is similar to safe cracking. I do not want to memorize this, it is a clock. And from day one, put in the K-cell and it is frozen and will never disconnect and physically come out. Waste of money.

  • Dennis - feels very different and markedly improved OH digestion without body ...

    feels very different and markedly improved OH digestion without body redness i used to have after 3 bottle of hops