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  • Montese C. - Total ripoff

    I'm a guy who's had professional laser hair removal in the salon to take care of body hair on my chest and arms. So going into at-home IPL hair removal, I at least had an inkling of what to expect. Anyone who's had "real" laser hair removal before will see right away that this unit is a worthless piece of garbage. I felt absolutely no difference in "intensity" between the lowest setting and the highest setting, and no pain at all. Now, I'm no masochist, but in order for a product like this to work, you should be feeling the light zapping your hair follicles. I even tested it on my leg hair, which is very dense, and still no pain. This alone would prove that this product has absolutely nowhere near enough power to actually zap hair follicles. No pain, no redness, no nothing. (I mention the redness because my skin, in addition to being fair, is also very sensitive and would usually redden for a few moments after zapping in the salon -- not so with the Remington.) Also, after repeated use on the same areas-- I'm the ideal candidate by the way (super pale skin, very dark hair), not a SINGLE hair has fallen out.

  • PistolShrimp - Rubbed in Silky Smooth

    This product is very simple. There is no aroma and is a slightly different feel than your normal shea butter purchases. I have eczema of the hands and am constantly looking for a product to keep my hands moisturized and hydrated. If i do not keep them hydrated they begin to dry and crack. This product caught my attention since it was pure shea butter. I have used many different shea butter products in the past and figured i would give this one a try. I like this because it is simple, i can scoop a tiny dime size amount out of the container and massage into my hands. The product leaves an oily texture on yours hands which is expected, it is not a synthetic product that has alcohols in it to dry it quickly (defeats the point of a moisturizer). After about 5-10 min it absorbs in nicely and don't have to worry about the residue. I have been using this product for the past couple days and it has been working great. I can see my hands starting to heal nicely and not have the dried itching sensation that comes with the eczema. I would suggest this to people looking for a simple moisturizer and/or massage butter. It is a great texture and feel just remember there is no added scents to it, that would need to be done on ones own. This product gets 4 stars since the initial bit scooped into the hand has a gritty feel until it is warmed/rubbed in nicely.

  • darkart - Easy

    Arrived within a few days and very basic to easily keep track of all your transactions. Register is made just like other banks' basic register so very versatile. Pack of 5 for a cheap price is a very good deal.