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  • http://www.dacpharma.co.uk/ronidazol-10/ Ronidazol 10% Sachet - Ronidzol 10% is a highly suitable powder form of treatment and prevention for Trichomonades (Canker), and Hexamites. Treating Trichomonades (Canker), and Hexamites. It is essential to treat to prevent Latent and subclinical infections that develop into os
  • http://www.dacpharma.co.uk/daczol-tabs/ Daczol Tabs - Daczol Tab tablets are for individual treatment for Trichomonades (Canker) and Hexamites in racing pigeons. Daczol Tabs are also eligible to be combined when necessary with other DAK medicines. Dosage:For the treatment of Trichomonades (Canker), a
  • http://www.dacpharma.co.uk/combi-tabs/ Combi Tabs- PROM-Buy 2 FOR£15.00 - Combi-Tabs are a tablet form of treatment which is highly suitable for individual treatment of Coccidiosis, Trichomonades (Canker) and Hexamites for Racing Pigeons. Combi- Tabs can also be combined when necessary with other DAK medicines.Within each pac
  • http://www.dacpharma.co.uk/wormmix-sachet/ Wormmix Sachet- PROM-Buy 2 FOR£16.00 - Wormix powder is for the treatment and prevention of round and hair worm infestation. Within each sachet is 100g of wormmix powder which can be administered at the recommended dosage within feed or fresh drinking water. Repeat treatment 10-12 days of init
  • http://www.dacpharma.co.uk/combi-worm-tablets/ Combi Worm Tablets - Combi Worm tabs are used to individually treat your racing pigeons for liver fluke, tapeworm, hair- and roundworm infections. Treatment is essential to prevent infestation, causing deterioration of condition and development of diseases. Administer 1 tab
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