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  • Hazel M. Flack-Barley - ... or friend that is a gamer this book is PERFECT!! My Husband and son spent hours looking ...

    If you have a kid or friend that is a gamer this book is PERFECT!! My Husband and son spent hours looking at this book and talking about the games. Of course it led to wanting MORE games but nothing I did not expect. My 7 year old son loves it! Perfect balance between pictures and information.

  • Gail - No difference

    I bought this product because of all the positive reviews I read here. I am now on day 3 and I haven't noticed a difference yet. No change in bowel movements and no change in bloating. I decided to start on the weekend just in case it made me use the bathroom more often, but it didn't. I guess it's helping my liver, but I can't tell if it is; very disappointed.

  • Ronald McCombs - Psvr is an amazing tech! I have owned the htc vive and ...

    Psvr is an amazing tech! I have owned the htc vive and psvr and they are both very good. I personally find that the psvr has a clearer image than the vive. The motion controls work great! I was expecting worse because some folks were complaining about bad tracking...Im gonna chalk that up as user fault because i had no issues at all. If your one of the folks that thought the technology wasnt there yet for virtual reality please put your thoughts aside and try it because it really is quite amazing! The technology is definently here and its only goin to get better. I love my psvr and if you try it my guess is you will love yours too....Great purchase ...very happy with it.

  • Anna - Never complained about DRM 'til now...

    Come...on. EA. Not sure why we keep pre-ordering these things and supporting this kind of strategy. Online checking on the single player mode is just ridiculous. If you're going to cripple a game to counteract piracy, at least reward the people who are paying for it with something other than a crazy $60 price tag. Unfortunately decisions like these are made to please a committee of stockholders who don't likely have to deal with the negative side-effect of actually trying to play the game. Get a clue, whoever keeps pushing this. Let your game designers handle how the game works and keep your great ideas to yourselves.

  • Cindy Tanner - Disappointment!

    Saw this on pinterest and the comments had me believing this was the miracle I'd been looking for. Very disappointed. Was really thick and didn't cover as it claimed it would.


    This program installs easily and is easy to use. Downloads from my various banks, trading companies and investment firms were easy to set up. Downloads run quickly. Additions to categories are easy to add.

  • Matcow - I was not happy with that

    I was so excited when this first arrived. The board is quite smaller than I first remembered playing when I was four. We had "family nights" and the wooden board was much better. But we played anyway with my new excited friends that I had met at a seance earlier that month. I am not Wiccan, but they explained they could "sensitively" connect more. My long-time Filipino friend, Danny and my dog were there with me also. I remember reading the reviews and they said for a first time to go to a forest or basement. Well, no one had a basement. There was no forest. So we went to a graveyard. It was a medium sized graveyard and there were no lights, so I was very pleased when I got the glow in the dark version (that only lasted a few minutes we had to keep lighting it up with cell phone flashlights). They started a timer for some reason and we finally matched with an entity named Zed. Or perhaps he was british. He took about 7 minutes and six seconds on the timer to get something finally. According to one of the wiccans, it was a record time getting an "entity". It kept drawing a bunch of circles and pushing around to the edges of the board. My friend became possessed and punched my dog. I was not happy with that, so I punched my friend back. The dog then became possessed so we had to kill it, but the board said the only thing we could do to eliminate the spirit was to ingest the being it was last possessing. So we ate my dog. My Filipino friend was there and was able to get started on the recipe right away. I threw up for three days straight with poisoning, but the board said that was normal. I do not like this "game". I don't know how it works and it didn't come with any dice.