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  • Jason E. - Five Stars

    I use alpha brain as a way to deal with ADD without having to use heavier medications. Its a great substance which helps me most with focus (which I have a lot of issue with). I've quite enjoyed my experiences but will also experiment with other nootropics in the future.

  • LA_Sinatra - Good for Sole Proprietorship Schedule C - Easy to use

    I have used TaxAct Deluxe for my sole proprietorship business for the last 5 years. It's very easy to use, I just enter the numbers from my Profit and Loss out of Quickbooks Pro and I am good to go. TaxAct Deluxe includes a Schedule C.

  • Christy - Don't waste your money!

    Annoying to remove in the morning with alsolutely no change or improvement in skin other than the pinkish tone after rubbing to romove it from the face.

  • Donald Bayley - Increases testosterone; No complaints

    I use this stuff mostly for a boost of energy before work in the morning. Noticeable increase in testosterone when I am taking it once daily. It doesn't keep me up at night if I take it first thing in the morning. I took two on an empty stomach one morning and it made me giddy and excited like being drunk. Not a bad thing, but not what I want when I'm at work. I don't use it in the recommended fashion so I can't comment on that.

  • Thomas Borger - The de facto vegan cheese.

    How does this have two and a half stars? This is the workhorse of vegan cheeses, folks. It's not for wine and crackers and it's not for eating straight. It is for melting on top of things to satisfy your craving for stretchy, greasy deliciousness. It has its own flavor and that flavor is not precisely mozzarella, but it's tasty, it's salty, it's good on pizza, and it melts. It's the best there is until Perfect Day gets around to genetically engineering actual cowless cheese.

  • REALLY2 - Can't beat a Good Security program!

    I have been using Norton for almost as long as I have had a computer! I have tried other products in between, but always return to using Norton. I originally had the Internet Security Suite, but it seemed to slow down my computer too much...so I decided to give Norton 360 a try last year and I really like it! It has kept my computer free of viruses and I like the built in tools for cleaning up my computer! I also have a couple of spyware and one malware program installed and they seem to get along pretty well with Norton 360. It seems a bit more expensive than some other security programs, but the one I got I can use on 3 different computers that I have! So, if you look at what the cost would be for 3 separate licenses, it really isn't that bad. Also, check after the newest version has been out for awhile and you can find some good deals!

  • Rose Hathaway - Great book

    Ordered for my boyfriend for Christmas like I do every year, we love these books! It arrived in great condition, the content is interesting and wonderful, and we are very satisfied!