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City: 12.5655 Capital Region, Denmark

  • Johnny Beans - Great customer service. excellent device

    I previously purchased the then known as netgear almond for use as a range extender. its now called the securifi router/ range extender. it was the only one I tried that really worked. fast forward to early this year. my netgear router went kaplooie (a technical term) so I decided to go with a new almond and use it as a router. Setup is simple using the onscreen instructions. worked flawlessly on two of my three devices. I also kept the older almond to use again as an extender.

  • A.T. Sawilo - Great For people wanting to test out

    Great For people wanting to test out. The practice exams are very helpful and help set me up for proper study. I'll be testing out of 32 credits worth of generals within the next 6 months.

  • Mathew Irons - A diiferent approach to writing a magazine about cars

    I like it, I have read it in magazine form and wanted to try it on my Kindle Fire HD, The editors of Automobile have a different take on the auto industry than the other magazines I have read. I like the auction portion of magazine, its interesting to see what is on the auction block and to see what they went for

  • l.counselor - Cellucor Super HD Thermogenic Fat Burner

    This product suppresses your appetite. But, when you get to food you want to devour everything in front of you. I dont recommend this product because it's amazing how it made me eat and then feel sick. never lost a pound. I used it for two weeks. one pill in the morning and one at noon time. Also, I just wanted to sleep and felt tired most of the time.

  • John Carmano - Great Picture. Great Picture

    The people that are critical of this TVs picture must be videophiles. I love TVs and football, but would not consider myself to be that. This is my first 4K TV and I am more than pleased. The picture is unbelievable and the apps and "smart" aspect of it are much better than I anticipated. I have an Xbox one and a firestick, so I didn't think I would care for the smart features but it's actually extremely snappy and feels so much more modern than other TVs. The smart remote is friggen awesome too. I don't know why people complained about it. It works great for me and I can even change channels with my STB with it, which I find to be extremely cool.

  • Bochski - Worked wonders

    I had a steady radiator leak in which my add fluid light would come on about every two weeks. After adding to my reservoir and driving around for twenty minutes the leak subsided. It has been about a month now and still no leak. It beats having to replace the radiator.

  • Cindy B. - Great software but installation process could not be less clear

    I really like Quickbooks and associated payroll software. It works, it's solid - that part gets 5 stars. I have QB2013 with enhanced payroll subscription for 1 year. So I bought 2014 thinking that it is simply a license update that would refresh my payroll for another year. This is how most other software packages work. But now I discover I'll likely spend half a day on the phone getting it installed. Yuck. Wasting my time reduces the rating to 1 star.