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  • nyca - I tried these and they were much better since they are situated completely differently in there

    I wanted an alternative to tampons cause having cotton up there was causing feminine issues. The DivaCup didn't really work for me/my anatomy. I tried these and they were much better since they are situated completely differently in there! Perhaps this is a little TMI, but with tampons/pads I would always get unpleasant smell and itchiness during/after my period. With the Softcups, the odor is almost completely non-existent and there is entirely no itchiness! Woohoo! I haven't had any leaks or issues yet and I've been using them for about six months! I've also been swimming in these, running in these, pretty much any cliche activity in a tampon commercial, and have had no problems!

  • Allan R. Bayaua - play from or have devices like backup drives or anything important

    Life saver! if you don't have one and you use your machine to work from, play from or have devices like backup drives or anything important, this is a MUST. I've had a few power outages thanks to the faulty wiring at where I live and this has saved my machines and work from abrupt and possibly violent power breaks.

  • Erica - Like Magic on Old Duct Tape

    I purchased this to remove old duct tape that had been used to add a design to my Kymco People Scooter. After a couple of years, the duct tape facing was peeling off and looked terrible. I used this adhesive remover and it worked like a charm! Scooter is like new again.

  • Julie - It really works!

    I bought this kit from Walmart to repair a couple of scratches on my new black car. The ability of this kit to repair a scratch is based on how deep the scratch is. If you are expecting a miracle for a deep scratch, you need to lower your expectations to a more reasonable level. This is an excellent, inexpensive way to repair MINOR surface scratches. If you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, you need to purchase a second product to really make a difference (see link below). The two products together were less than $30 - money very well spent!

  • vandana dogra - Orogold Anti-Aging Eye Serum

    Well, the serum is work for me! came across the Orogold Anti-Aging Eye Serum on Amazon and decided to go ahead with the purchase. I began using the serum following the manufacturer’s instructions, and have noticed a major reduction in my puffiness and dark circles within the first few weeks!

  • Firemedic437 - Garbage. Do not buy! Doesn't work and completely broke apart with 1st use.

    Wow. I don't know what they do in the informercials to make it look like it works but this is absolute garbage. Followed all instructions on the box to seed the appropriate amount. There was no seed in the box as stated, just the green liquid that is their formula that makes the grass seed stick. So I put my own grass seed in the container and measured it appropriately with the right amount of green liquid. I turn the dial before I turn it on since I read that it can stick. I double checked the website for instructions because there were no other paper instructions in the box and I couldn't find any other instructions online. Hook it up to the garden hose and had to use pliers to turn the dial because it was so stuck. I started off with the light seed setting and all I got was water, I know because my grass seed is blue seed so it's easy to see on the ground. After a couple minutes the seed starting coming out and the water was tinged blue. There was no blue foam like the commercial. The amount of seed/liquid I put in was supposed to seed 200sq ft. It all came out in about 25sqft. I shake the cannister a little because I figure there's seed stuck at the bottom. By this time the cannister is starting to leak where the hose is connected and at the plastic grip where it looks like a trigger but is just a handle. I try to turn the dial to "off" and the dial comes completely off and the whole thing splits in too. Absolute gargbage!

  • Alex - I do not like this phone. I love the regular S7.

    It seems that most of these unlocked international version phones are unlocked by the sellers themselves, who break the phone's box seal, open the box, and unlock the phones themselves (note that Samsung says "do not accept if seal is broken"). Hence, technically, most of these unlocked international version phones are not really new. I bought a lot of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phones from Amazon, and most (not all) had the seal broken.