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  • CMOS - There is None Better.

    I find it amazing how many people rip on a DVD or Blu-Ray purchase because there "weren't enough extra scenes" or some other nit-pick. While a valid area for review, the main point of your review should be about the MOVIE. Particularly old movies which don't have 5 different versions floating around on DVD like all of today's movies, where one might be tempted to compare the "modern features" or extras between them.

  • Mark Zuck - Self programmed on 07 tacoma

    Worked great on my 07 Tacoma. Easy programming instructions via seller website. I was able to program without the dealer or a locksmith which saved me a lot of $$.

  • felicia - worked great !

    i have a 2002 ford f150 & this product worked great! very easy to install. i definitely recommend this product!

  • Steve - YES!

    Help! They've come to life! The cables... they're... they're eating my daughter! Call an ambulance! Great price though. .. And her screams! I've never heard such crystal clarity! This is totally worth it!

  • Michael Schneider - This saved my a**! Really works. Thanks zydot.

    I found out 4 days before my test that it was a hair follicle test and not a urine screen. I read so many websites trying to figure out if this really worked out not. There was about a 50/50 split between passes and fails. I was also worried that the positive reviews were written by people that were paid by the company to write them. Anyways I have this stuff a shot and kept my fingers crossed. I followed the directions exactly. It will take about 45 minutes to an hour to use this stuff properly. Two hours later I went and took the test. I was worried the whole time while waiting for the results. I ended up passing the test with flying colors and landing an awesome job. The price is also great on amazon considering that I paid 3x the price at a local head shop. Thank you zydot. Your product really works.

  • smegma11 - It works great if you still have Win 7

    I am not having all the problems others are having because I wasn't insane enough to move to Windows 10. With Windows 7 it works very well and the only problem I have had is a bug that it writes junk files in the Windows App directory and forgets to delete them. After about a week my hard drive popped up and said it went from 80 gigs to 220 gigs which was next to full and couldn't write another Bluray disk because of the size. I quick search, which you have to do from the apps directory showed copies of all the movies I had made over the last week sitting there, dumb as ducks, with different file names. I just deleted them and have to do it every few weeks when it warns me. It's a waste of time telling Nero customer service about it, they are so swamped with new Windows 10 users trying to figure out where all their old Windows 7 commands were moved to, they haven't got time to fix anything.