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  • R. MC DOWELL - About the same as other capsaicin creams

    I have tried several brands of Capsaicin pain relief cream and unfortunately, this one is about the same as the others. You have to be very careful handling this as it is derived from chili peppers. It delivers a feeling of heat to the skin though, but if you are using it for arthritis, capsaicin can take several weeks of daily use to reach a therapeutic level according to clinical research.

  • Peter Pan - Simply the best

    A perfect tool for the serious cook. It hardly ever gets put away. Perfect browning, even heating, easy to clean. Who could ask for more?

  • Chesnut Family - Clymer Harley Davidson Sportster Manual

    The manual contains more information than a person would normally need, but when you need it, you need it. I've had Clymer manuals for all of my bikes (Hondas, Triumphs, Suzukis, and Harleys). The only complaint about this one is that my 2013 Sportster Forty-Eight is not covered in the main text. Features of this bike are included in the supplement at the end. So now I have to cross reference between the normal text and the supplement at the back of the book to do anything. With electronic publishing on-demand, it seems that it would have been easy to integrate the supplement with the main text. I guess I just bought this book in the wrong year. It also seems to me that this would be a good product to publish as a pdf or some other electronic format so that one could view it on their laptop while working on the bike.

  • Donald Freeman - don't buy it !!

    Since I bought this piece of crap now I have to shave my chin every day .... This is nothing but a razor. I had to pluck a few hairs before I bought this . Now I have beard stubble . So embarrassing

  • Danny L. - Very helpful

    The book has been very helpful and comes with great tips and tricks! It has really helped me improve my speed and knowledge.

  • T. shaw - Worth the money if you need a good mail program for business purposes

    Bottom line - if you are running a business you need to have this. I had been using Windows Live Mail but once the email communication got heavier for my business I needed something more powerful. It's worth the money and the features are great. Easy to learn and import your existing email programs and messages. For anyone coming from Windows Live Mail, check the microsoft user forums, you need to download a free program which will enable you to import Windows Live Mail into Outlook. Can't recall the name of the program at the moment.

  • Elena - Product not as pictured or described

    The product arrived quickly BUT it is NOT the product shown on the picture. It says in the description that it is NiteWhite Excel, which is supposed to be made by Discus Dental. The product that I received is Philips Zoom. It does say NiteWhite underneath but I am not sure how it is related to the Discus Dental NiteWhite if at all. Have not tried it yet so I have nothing to say about the quality and the effectiveness of it so far. I'll post the review regarding this later.