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Drug Discovery Services | Medicinal Chemistry | Domainex - Domainex is a drug discovery services CRO offering high quality medicinal chemistry and computational chemistry services and an exceptional track record of drug candidate delivery

  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-services Drug Discovery Services | Drug Discovery CRO | Domainex - Domainex provides drug discovery services, including medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, hit identification and assay development.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-services/molecular-biology-CDH Combinatorial Domain Hunting | Protein Manufacturers | Domainex - Domainex’s molecular biology team provides custom protein expression services utilising E. coli and baculoviral/insect cell systems with their Combinatorial Domain Hunting (CDH) technology.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-services/protein-expression Protein Expression | Assay Development | Domainex - Protein expression from Domainex with molecular biology techniques to clone and express protein targets of interest for drug discovery programmes.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-services/assays BioassayBuilder | Bioassay, Assay Services | Domainex - Domainex’s BioassayBuilder is a suite of bioassay services, from protein expression to characterisation of pre-clinical candidates
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-services/fragment-screening Fragment screening | Hit Identification | Domainex - Domainex’s fragment-based hit screening offers a unique collection of chemical fragments from which targets can be identified for drug discovery programs.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-services/virtual-screening LeadBuilder - Virtual Hit Screening | Domainex | Virtual Screening - Domainex’s LeadBuilder virtual hit screening platform used in drug discovery programmes against targets such as kinases, proteases and methyltransferases.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-services/computational-chemistry Computational Chemistry | Drug Discovery Services | Domainex - Domainex offers expertise in a range of computational chemistry techniques including hit finding, scaffold hopping and structure-based drug design.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-services/medicinal-chemistry Medicinal Chemistry Services | Drug Discovery CRO | Domainex - Domainex is a drug discovery CRO that provides medicinal chemistry services, from hit identification to lead optimisation.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-services/adme-dmpk DMPK Testing | Pharmidex | Domainex - Domainex supports its clients' DMPK testing requirements via its partner, Pharmidex, who provides ADMET technologies for drug development programmes.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-pipeline Drug Discovery Pipeline | Epigenetics Research, Inflammatory Diseases, Oncology Drugs | Domainex - Domainex has utilised expertise to develop a drug discovery pipeline of drugs targeting the epigenetics of oncology and inflammatory diseases like COPD.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-pipeline/epigenetics-research Methyltransferase Inhibitors | Epigenetics Drug Discovery | Domainex - Domainex is at the forefront of epigenetic and oncology drug discovery and has developed an early pipeline based on the lysine methyltransferase (KMTS) class of targets.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-pipeline/inflammatory-diseases Inflammatory Diseases | TBK1/ IKKε Inhibitors, Psoriasis, COPD Drug Discovery | Domainex - Domainex has an advanced drug discovery programme against the drug targets TBK1/IKKε with the potential for novel disease-modifying treatments for COPD/psoriasis.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-case-studies Drug Discovery Case Studies | Domainex - Case studies for Domainex's drug discovery work, including applying medicinal chemistry to protein-protein interactions, kinase and protease targets.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-case-studies/protein-protein-interaction-ppi-target-drug-discovery-case-study Protein Protein Interaction | PPI Drug Discovery | Domainex - Using a peptidomimetic approach, Ark Therapeutics and Domainex have developed inhibitors of protein-protein interactions PPI targeting the NRP1 function.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-case-studies/protease-inhibitor-drug-discovery-case-study Protease Inhibitor | Drug Discovery| Domainex - Medicinal Chemists at Domainex collaborated with St George's University and the University of Manchester, to develop novel inhibitors of a protease target.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-case-studies/elucidating-crystal-structure-challenging-protein-mek MEK Crystal Structure | Drug Discovery | Domainex - Domainex worked with UCB to develop three-dimensional structure of Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase (MAPKK, MEK),for use in drug discovery.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-case-studies/lysine-methyltransferases Lysine Methyltransferases | Domainex - Domainex has generated crystal structures, assays and a chemical library for lysine methyltransferases (KMTs), which are involved in epigenetic gene regulation
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/drug-discovery-case-studies/tbk1ikk%CE%B5-screening-cascade TBK1/IKKε Screening Cascade | TBK1 Inhibitor | Domainex - Domainex's lead programme targets key kinases (TBK1/IKKe) that have been validated as novel drug targets in inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, COPD
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/partners Drug Discovery Services | Clients and Collaborators | Domainex - Domainex provides a range of drug discovery services, including assay development, hit identification or fully integrated drug discovery programmes.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/partners/service-partners Drug Discovery CRO | ZoBio | Pharmidex | Domainex - Domainex offers drug discovery services, including medicinal chemistry and assay development. Domainex's partners Pharmidex and ZoBio offer in vivo ADMET and NMR services.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/partners/supporting-translational-research Supporting Translational Research | Grant Applications | Domainex - Domainex supports academic groups to translate research into drug discovery projects. Domainex also can offer full support of Wellcome Trust SDDI grant applications.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/partners/discovery-star-award Discovery STAR Award | Translational Research | Domainex - Domainex supports translational research through its Discovery STAR award - offering drug discovery and grant application advice for early-stage projects.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/about-domainex About Domainex | Hybrid Business | Drug Discovery CRO - Domainex is a UK-based biotechnology company which operates a drug discovery CRO business and an internal drug pipeline targeting epigenetics and COPD.
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/about-us/management-team Management team | Domainex - The management team at Domainex is represented by seasoned biotechnology and big pharma professionals, such as Keith Powell, Eddy Littler and Trevor Perrior
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/board-directors-domainex Board of Directors at Domainex | Domainex - Tony Brampton - Chairman Steve Harris - Deputy Chair Prof. Trevor Perrior PhD - Chief Scientific Officer Prof. Laurence Pearl PhD - Non-executive Director
  • http://www.domainex.co.uk/about-us/collaborations Collaborations | Domainex - University of Leicester A Medical Research Council CASE Studentship held jointly by Dr Simon Wagner, of the Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine, and Domainex, an innovative drug discovery company based in Cambridge. Building on the discovery of a potential  survival pathway in a common type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, the project will use novel agents developed by Domainex to understand the mechanism of the drugs' action and define patient groups that are most likely to benefit.

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