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DontShakeJake.org - Real doctor produced Diet and Fitness Information. Keep up to date with the latest news - Supporting children and their families from the abuses of Shaken Baby Syndrome. SBS can result in death, mental retardation, paralysis, seizures, blindness,

  • http://www.dontshakejake.org/educational-forum.html Prevention Workshop - The mission of the "Don't Shake Jake" Awareness Program is to educate the citizens of Maine to the risks of shaking a baby. We seek to work collaboratively
  • http://www.dontshakejake.org/help.html Help Support DSJ - How can you support the "Don't Shake Jake" Awareness Program... You have taken the first step by visiting this site You may send a tax
  • http://www.dontshakejake.org/were-lower-during-blood-pressure-rates-for-women-than-males-after-the-stress-activity.html Were lower during blood pressure rates for women than males after the stress activity. - Were lower during blood pressure rates for women than males after the stress activity, the opposite was true for heart rate . EA EA and AA males responded
  • http://www.dontshakejake.org/tango-makes-predicting-defective-protein-structures-possibleuntil-recently.html TANGO makes predicting defective protein structures possibleUntil recently. - TANGO makes predicting defective protein structures possibleUntil recently, it was always thought that proteins stick together arbitrarily. But now it has
  • http://www.dontshakejake.org/the-current-nursing-shortage-began-in-1998-and-has-continued-for-a-decade.html The current nursing shortage began in 1998 and has continued for a decade. - The current nursing shortage began in 1998 and has continued for a decade, making it the oldest of the nursing shortage in the last 50 years. Inadequate nurse
  • http://www.dontshakejake.org/false-positivel-cancer-screening-corpus-cavernosum-penis.html False-positivel Cancer Screening corpus cavernosum penis. - False-positivel Cancer Screening, by HPV testing by cytology and repeat HPV Testing Followed it will improve the use of human papillomavirus DNA testing as an
  • http://www.dontshakejake.org/and-there-was-inadequate-evidence-to-ascertain-which-type-of-helmet-is-most-protective.html And there was inadequate evidence to ascertain which type of helmet is most protective. - People in the study had left ventricular dilatation with a significant displacement the papillary muscles , and patients with both ventricles were dilated
  • http://www.dontshakejake.org/only-with-short-sighted-natural-selection-armed-could-naturally-have-foreseen-these-stressors.html Only with short-sighted natural selection Armed could naturally have foreseen these stressors. - Have semen is also more sensitive to environmental stressors like anxious lifestyles or polluted environments. Argues Dr. Hasson, only with short-sighted
  • http://www.dontshakejake.org/started-in-2003.html Started in 2003. - Started in 2003, Pharmacist e-Link, the preferred online resource for pharmacists. Pharmacist e-Link provides pharmacists in all practice settings with the
  • http://www.dontshakejake.org/this-suggests-that-the-present-results-unlikely-to-be-affected-substantially-by-selection-bias-are-article.html This suggests that the present results unlikely to be affected substantially by selection bias are article. - This suggests that the present results unlikely to be affected substantially by selection bias are article sildenafil-citrate-online.biz . In addition,
  • http://www.dontshakejake.org/some-of-the-mice-developed-ulcerated-dermatitis.html Some of the mice developed ulcerated dermatitis. - Some of the mice developed ulcerated dermatitis, a fatal skin condition thought to be caused by an unknown pathogen or allergen. Garner saw that the only mice
  • http://www.dontshakejake.org/about-30-percent-of-the-u.html About 30 percent of the U. - About 30 percent of the U.S. Adult population suffers from high blood pressure, but about a third of them do do not by by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control

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  • popman83 - The NAVÄGE Nose Cleaner System Rules

    I've been using some type of saline nasal rinse bottle system now for almost 10 years. I want to say I've been using the system 100% during all those years, but that would be a lie. Maybe 50% of the time. My 2 biggest frustrations with the bottle system are 1 ... it never fails even if I aim over the sink, I always get wet, and 2 ... I have to switch nostrils half way through the bottle/flush for each application, and I do 2 applications per day (1 in the morning when I wake up, and 1 at night before bed). So about a month ago I was looking to purchase more of the saline packets (note: even though big name pharmacies carry name brand, and store brand individual saline packets (sorry C##, W#########, and D#### #####, no free advertisement here 😆), I still find better prices online ... moving on ...) I use with the bottle, and I saw the advertisement for the NAVÄGE Nose Cleaner/Cleaning system. After looking at the reviews people posted, and watching the video on the NAVÄGE website, I thought this was DEFINITELY something for me since it solved the 2 biggest problems I have using the bottle system, it resolved the problem of getting wet by having an attached container (on the bottom) to capture all the water that is flushed through your sinus' during the rinse/flush, and second, no need to switch nostrils since you are flushing water/saline through both nostrils (in one, out the other) at the same time (by the way, the mechanism that actually goes in your nostrils is reversible, so for me, I have the morning flush push saline/water up through my left nostril, and out through my right nostril, and for my night time flush, I reverse it).

  • carla s - great product

    I was nervous about some of the reviews I read on this, but decided to try it. We have inexpensive counter tops so what the heck. I am so glad we bought this product. Its easy!!!!!! If my wife and I can do this and have it look flawless, I think a monkey on crack could do it. All I can say is go for it and you'll be glad you did. P.S. WE have 30sq feet of counter and bought the 50sq ft package box and had plenty of everything. Great product, thanks Rust-Oleum.

  • Yasmin Rodriguez - Uppababy VISTA 2012

    I bought my UB Vista in 2012, for the birth of my first child. Initially I was looking at the Orbit and Bugaboo strollers, but with the help of a GREAT Sales Associate at Buy Buy Baby in NJ, she convinced me to buy the OUTSTANDING AND REMARKABLY crafted UB.

  • Kimber - Great Product. I only wish it had an automatic shut off feature.

    I purchased mine straightener from a mall kiosk 2 years ago and have been very pleased with its durability and performance. It has survived several falls onto a concrete floor and as well as an accidental dunking (it was unplugged at the time). My only gripe is the lack of auto-shut-off, there are few things worse than sitting at work wondering if you remembered to unplug the straightener.

  • Pamela R. Heath - Amazing way to compose music

    I tried trial versions of all the major software music programs for PC before settling on this one. Contrary to what others claim on the internet (maybe they're talking about older versions), I found the Finale 2012 to be the most intuitive and enjoyable interface of them all to navigate, so I bit the bullet and bought it. To avoid problems, I paid attention to the warnings and closed all the unnecessary programs and processes that I could before installing, even pausing my Antivirus scanner. On running for the first time, Finale Pro 2012 immediately offers to update the program to a major revision (which I did). The only problem I've had (if you can call it that) on my Windows 7 64 bit system is that the auto save is very slow and can require you to pause working. Because of this, I have the feature turned off and instead save my files manually on a frequent basis.