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  • PAUL C. - Poor Tech Support

    I have had several frustrating experiences dealing with McAfee Tech Support. The Home Network feature, which worked prior to 2014, never worked in 2014. I am switching to another protection supplier in 2015

  • Candace Hall - He loves how it makes this slick phone easy to handle while using it

    My husband loves this case. At first he thought it was a little girly. But he quickly got over it after he saw what all this case offered. There have been many times he has left the house without his phone or his wallet. Now that has been reduced by combining them both. He loves how it makes this slick phone easy to handle while using it. It's like holding a book now. If you don't like the open book feel then the cover folds back and magnetically attaches to the back of the phone. While talking on the phone the flap closure is a good place to help hold through phone, it fits in the fold of your thumb. It is attached by the corners and down the sides. I was given this product to review and offer my unbiased opinion.

  • JWolf - All-around Fantastic Lotion

    Historically, I tended to choose lotion by scent. But as someone working in the food industry, spending a lot of time with dogs, and going to school, I do a lot of showering and really frequent hand washing. Once I tried this lotion, I was sold and would trade the best scented lotion any day for a bottle of this stuff.

  • Hawaiian Eye - It's True Quicken Rental Property Manager is a Shameful Piece of Software

    I just got off the phone with a Quicken Customer Care Representative who confirmed the problems I have had with Quicken 2010 Rental Property Manager. Funny thing is I usually heed the advice of other reviewers but wanted to find out for myself and sad to say I had the same results. I have been a very happy user of Quicken Property Manager v.2 for many years, i.e. a very simple to use, i.e. user friendly, application and made my job as a land lord very easy. Then I purchased a new lap top for the business and found that v.2 could not work with Windows 7.0 and since I had also upgraded to the newer version of QuickBooks Pro, I would need the latest version of Property Manager to do all my business on my lap top. Not so. I was not able to restore the previous backup up file from v.2 with the new 2010 Rental Property Manager. The only piece of transaction that was transferred was the name of my tenant the address of a rental unit. I contacted Quicken Customer Care via e-mail and the feedback did not resolve the problem and I was able to personally talk to a customer rep today who confirmed that this is a problem and that I would have to manually input all the data. Manually !!! Shame on you Quicken for placing this software out there. I agree with another reviewer as to how much more complex Quicken developers have made this application. Users want transparency in the application and what Quicken had with v.2 was a very solid, intuitive, and friendly application software for us property owners who do not want or need to be accountants.

  • Kris Riksen - visio premium

    Visio offers great possibilities for making flowcharts, drawings, plans, etc. A figure says more than a lot of text, and the tool Visio makes it easy to make the diagram. Premium 2010 includes overwhelming amount of shapes that allow for six sigma, ISO, BPMN, and what not. Your working space expands along with the size of your drawing. Also, you may link shapes in your drawing with an EXCEL database. Check: (...)