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  • nature bee - This is the absolute best conditioner I've ever used

    I'm a Nigerian girl with 4c hair that is very full, thick and coarse. It's also extremely dry and moisture retention is my number one goal. This is the absolute best conditioner I've ever used. It's incredibly moisterizing and makes my hair so pillow soft. Other conditioners don't penetrate my hair like this one. I only shampoo once a month to get rid of product buildup, and I use this to cowash 2 to 3 times a week. (The shampoo is just as awesome.) I wish I could give this more stars. I've used a lot of products, but this is the best. I've never been so completely satisfied.

  • fgfortson - Enhanced payroll includes only 1 employee

    I've been a Quickbooks user for almost 20 years! NO MORE...the greed, horrendous customer service and now poor quality software are the main reasons I've found another product. Every year I bought a new version of the Quickbooks software, and every year i spent hours and days on the phone with the poorly trained Intuit Support people in some other country, while they attempted to understand the reason the software upgrades failed and caused numerous issues. BUYER BEWARE!!! Do not waste your money with any INTUIT PRODUCTS!!

  • heidi - Utter stupidity

    I am giving this seat a 2 and not a 5 because of the utter stupidity of the company of putting two gigantic warning patches on each side of where the baby's head is. So, instead of the soft grey fabric you see in the photo, you have two large (about 6 in by 3 in) ugly uncomfortable (I imagine) patches next to each of the baby's cheeks. Seriously, of all the places where Baby Jogger could have put these patches, why did they choose there? Plus, forget about taking any cute pics of your baby in the car seat... Frustrated as I have just spent the last 90 mins removing just one patch stitch by stitch as it is very securely sewed in. And the fabric is now full of the marks from the seams so now it just looks damaged. :(

  • TERE - Well worth my time and money!!

    I am glad to have rented this DVD. It was very well made. I learned a lot from it and I highly recommend it. How this man Obama was elected for 2 terms is terrible. Obama healthcare sucks! To force someone to have health insurance (that was over $350 a month and more than my car payment) that I could not afford or be penalized $650 is how communism starts. What next? This DVD covered and uncovered so many things...thank you Dinesh! Thank you for making this film.