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ISO Certified drug testing & alcohol tests for urine, oral fluid, hair, blood and breath samples - DrugClinics - Drug tests and alcohol tests for the workplace, private individuals and public sector agencies at our drug testing clinics or on-site throughout the UK. Full suite of drug and alcohol testing services for all purposes including preemployment, random drug testing, proof of abstinence and for cause drug tests.

  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/about Experts Drug testing & Alcohol Testing Services - DrugClinics - A reliable and trustworthy drug and alcohol testing company. Based in the UK with a unique drug testing and alcohol testing sample collection network. Accredited drug testing laboratories with over 500 professionals trained in collecting urine, hair and blood samples for drug screening and alcohol tests.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/drug-tests-available Drug Tests and Alcohol Tests at Local Drug Testing Clinics - DrugClinics - A full range of drug and alcohol tests for individuals and organisations seeking pre-employment drug testing or random drug & alcohol screening and proof of abstinence. There are various sample types for the drug tests and alcohol test including urine, hair and blood.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/drug-testing-price-guide Drug Tests & Alcohol Testing Price Guide - DrugClinics - All inclusive drug & alcohol testing prices with no hidden costs. Unlike other drug testing companies, our price guide is transparent and includes sample collection for both drug tests and alcohol tests.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/contact Contact BioClinics for Drug & Alcohol Testing - DrugClinics - Call Free on 0800 032 5945 for expert advice on your drug test or alcohol testing needs. You will be speaking to a qualified clinical advisor who will determine the most appropriate drug test or alcohol test for you based on your circumstances.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/news All the Latest News on drug testing in the UK - DrugClinics - All the latest news from the UK about drug testing and alcohol testing related issues. Employment, workplace and individual related articles about drugs, drug tests, alcohol addiction, alcohol abuse and related events.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/workplace-drug-testing Experts in Workplace Drug Tests & Alcohol Testing Services - DrugClinics - BioClinics specialise in workplace drug testing for pre-employment drug testing and random drug and alcohol screening. Our network of drug testing clinics provide on-site and off-site testing options for commercial organisations and private individuals.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/workplace-medicals Workplace Medicals at National Centres throughout the UK - DrugClinics - BioClinics offers a full range of medical assessments so you are able to comply with legislation and industry standards. These assessments can be general or industry specific, basic health checks or extensive executive medicals.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/risqs-link-up-approved RISQS Link-up drug and alcohol testing - DrugClinics - BioClinics is an approved Link-up supplier to Network Rail for the provision of drug and alcohol testing. Screen results for urine drug testing and alcohol breath analysis are reported to Sentinel within 48 hours of sample collection.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/uvdb-registered-for-utilities UVDB registered drug and alcohol testing for Utilities and National Grid - DrugClinics - BioClinics is Achilles UVDB registered to provide National Grid and the Utilities sector with drug and alcohol testing services. Urine Laboratory drug testing is performed in our UKAS 17025 Lab. A recommended set panel of drugs is tested for as stipulated by National Grid. Initial screen results are provided within 48 hours.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/pre-employment-drug-tests Pre-employment Drug Testing & Pre-employment Alcohol Tests - DrugClinics - A network of UK drug testing clinics and accredited UK based laboratories supporting the commercial sector for all pre-employment drug test and alcohol test requirements. Competitive commercial contracts available to carry out periodic pre-employment drug tests.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/random-drug-screening Random Drug Testing & Alcohol Screening - DrugClinics - Instant on-site drug testing and alcohol testing by registered nurses. Laboratory confirmation available for non-negative drug tests and alcohol tests. Off-site collection options also available from BioClinics network of drug testing clinics and pharmacies.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/solicitors-services Drug Testing & Alcohol Testing Service for Solicitors - DrugClinics - Experienced in drug and alcohol proof of abstinence related legal matters. A local presence throughout the UK working with local and national law firms requiring drug testing and alcohol testing services.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/proof-of-abstinence Drug & Alcohol Tests for Individuals - DrugClinics - Services for individuals and solicitors requiring drug tests and alcohol tests to prove abstinence. BioClinics provide a sensitive and professional drug and alcohol testing service that meets all circumstances.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/family-services Drug & Alcohol Testing for Concerned Parents and Families - DrugClinics - Friendly and approachable UK based drug testing clinics specialising in drug testing and alcohol tests for private individuals, concerned parents and worried family members. Optional counselling services are also available at selected drug testing clinics.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/urine-drug-tests Urine Drug testing & Alcohol Testing Services - DrugClinics - Accurate instant and laboratory based urine drug tests and alcohol testing. All drug test and alcohol test donors are legally identified following strict sample collector protocols. On-site and off-site drug & alcohol testing available.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/hair-drug-tests Hair Drug Testing to show Historic Drug Use - DrugClinics - Drug test on Hair to show 1 - 12 months of drug use or abstinence. Head Hair or Body Hair provides an accurate historic account of WHAT drug was taken, WHEN the drug was taken and HOW MUCH drug was taken. Local drug testing clinics available.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/hair-blood-alcohol-testing Hair Alcohol Testing at Local Testing Clinics for Chronic Alcohol Abuse - DrugClinics - Most accurate Hair Alcohol Testing available including EtG and FAEE markers. Combine with our Liver Function Blood Tests and CDT Blood Tests to distinguish between chronic alcohol abuse and the social drinker.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/sample-collection-options Local Onsite and Offsite Collection for drug testing and alcohol testing - DrugClinics - Sample collection available for drug tests and alcohol testing at local testing clinics and pharmacies. Our registered nurses also visit clients on or off site for drug testing services.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/drug-alcohol-testing-guides Guides to Drug Test Types and How Drug Testing Works. - DrugClinics - Information on all our drug tests and alcohol testing services. Learn the difference between testing urine and hair samples for drugs and markers of alcohol abuse.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/accreditation Fully Accredited Laboratory Drug Testing and Alcohol Screening. - DrugClinics - Full range of drug testing and alcohol screening services from accredited laboratory facilities and highly trained sample collectors. Legally defensible and reliable results.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/dna-testing-services Local DNA Testing and Paternity Test Clinics - DrugClinics - Fully accredited UK DNA testing, for paternity, sibling and immigration.Local clinics, home visits, & home kits available.
  • http://www.drugtestingclinics.co.uk/drug-driving-law Drug Driving Law - DrugClinics - BioClinics drug testing service provides official advice in partnership with the Government on the new drug driving law in England and Wales.

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