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  • Amazon Customer - Long Time user

    I have been using minoxidil for 21 years. I started in my early 20s since i have a family history of hair loss and I was just beginning to lose my hair. Though the bottle doesn't say to use it in this fashion I have maintained most by no means all of my hair. I have a general thinning not male pattern baldness. Minoxidil is a great product if you still have hair and catch it early. There is no doubt in my mind I would have gone bald. I have been using the comb for 6+ months and i haven't noticed any additional growth but I am looking to ditch the drug as I slowly decrease the days I use it. All I want is to maintain what I have. Read the directions carefully some people have written about longer sessions then necessary.

  • Denise Ferrara - Don't fall for this Scam, buyer beware!!

    They dupe the elderly and uneducated into making extravagant purchases using hard sell tactics, promising results they can't deliver and then shrug when they leave the people of our community in financial ruin. Google the story of 80 year old man they scammed out of over 6k!! This is a foreign company with a NO RETURNS policy. When you realize the products are crap, you have no recourse. Their only goal is to scam the American people and move the money overseas.

  • Roxie - 8 Dogs and no Fleas-applied every 6 months

    I have 8 Dogs and despite vacumning constantly, washing bedding and applying Frontline Plus, we apply Fleabusters every 6 months to our entire house. We have Laminate and tile floors. After watching a certified Fleabusters technician apply Fleabusters the first time, I learned to use a feather duster along all base boards (fleas hide under the baseboard) and use a stiff brush after sprinkling the powder over all area rugs. We open all windows as it gets dusty until everything settles. We put the Dogs in the yard when applying. They have had no issues with the powder. If you wash a rug, reapply the powder for best results

  • MLynnM88 - Love it!

    I'm shocked at all the bad reviews. I bought the Magic Jack Plus (not here) 6 months ago and have had NO problems whatsoever. I have it connected to my Apple computer and to my router. Set up was a breeze, and I opted for a new number since I didn't want to pay extra to keep my old number (not that serious). I was looking for a simple back up since we always use our cell phones. I was tired of paying Vonage $30 a month for a service that was rarely used. It is mainly used to get ahold of our teens if they don't answer their cell phones. Anyway, it sounds and works similar to Vonage. I do not have any dropped calls, no echo, and no blocked numbers. I have a standard high speed internet with Time Warner Cable, nothing special but it is good quality internet. You need good internet service and enough bandwidth.

  • Gabe - Nostalgia... yup, because it is the same game re-skinned

    Yup, a re-skin. Change the weapons, give it updated graphics, and viola, brand new game. Hype-train is going strong, everyone is head over heels. But it is essentially the same game. You have been warned.

  • Bubbly1 - Cancer Plan

    Cancer is a large factor in my family and as such I wanted to research as much as I can.Maybe someday we wont have this dibilitating awful disease and wont need books such as these,pray every day for a cure.