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The Dry Eye Treatment Center | Dr. Jacqueline Muller | Dry Eye Specialist - Dry eye is the most common eye condition encountered by ophthalmologists. Dr. Muller is one of the first ophthalmologists in New York City to use the most advanced, state-of-the-art, latest technology to objectively test/measure dry eye.

  • http://www.dryeyespecialist.com/contact.html The Dry Eye Treatment Center | Contact Us - If you are interested in learning more about The Dry Eye Treatment Center please call (212) 585-3161 or (914) 777-6900 today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jacqueline Muller.
  • http://www.dryeyespecialist.com/about.html The Dry Eye Treatment Center | About Jacqueline W. Muller, MD - Jacqueline W. Muller, MD is a board certified ophthalmologist who has been specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye and in laser vision correction for over 20 years.
  • http://www.dryeyespecialist.com/dry-eye-treatment-center.html The Dry Eye Treatment Center | About The Dry Eye Treatment Center - At The Dry Eye Treatment Center our goal is to diagnosis and treat your dry eye early in an effort to help you feel better, see better and to keep your eyes from progressively getting worse. We want to keep your eyes healthy for the rest of your life.
  • http://www.dryeyespecialist.com/office.html The Dry Eye Treatment Center | Our Office - The Dry Eye Treatment Center uses the most advanced technology to test/measure dry eye.
  • http://www.dryeyespecialist.com/about-dry-eye.html The Dry Eye Treatment Center | About Dry Eye - Dry eye results from a decline in the quantity and/or quality of the tears produced or when there is an increased rate of evaporation of tears from the surface of your eyes.
  • http://www.dryeyespecialist.com/causes-of-dry-eye.html The Dry Eye Treatment Center | Causes of Dry Eye - Causes of dry eye include contact lens wear, heat and air conditioning, environmental factors, increased age, allergies, medications, and many more.
  • http://www.dryeyespecialist.com/symptoms-of-dry-eye.html The Dry Eye Treatment Center | Symptoms of Dry Eye - Symptoms of dry eye can include red eyes, burning, pain or soreness in/around eyes, itchy eyes, light sensitivity, tired eyes, and much more.
  • http://www.dryeyespecialist.com/treatment-of-dry-eye.html The Dry Eye Treatment Center | Treatment Options of Dry Eye - Dr. Muller customizes each treatment regimen to address your individual needs based upon your symptoms and the findings of your examination.
  • http://www.dryeyespecialist.com/contact-lens-wear-and-dry-eye.html The Dry Eye Treatment Center | Contact Lens Wear and Dry Eye - Contact lens wearers benefit immensely from treating their dry eye. Contact lens wearers whose dry eye goes untreated often become contact lens intolerant over time.
  • http://www.dryeyespecialist.com/headaches-and-dry-eye.html The Dry Eye Treatment Center | Headaches and Dry Eye - Did you know headaches can be triggered by dry eye? Dr. Muller has had great success decreasing or eliminating headaches by treating dry eye.
  • http://www.dryeyespecialist.com/computer-vision-syndrome.html The Dry Eye Treatment Center | Computer Vision Syndrome - Working on computers is visually demanding. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment options for Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).
  • http://www.dryeyespecialist.com/laser-vision-correction-and-dry-eye.html The Dry Eye Treatment Center | Laser Vision Correction and Dry Eye - People with dry eye typically inquire about laser vision correction (LASIK, LASEK, PRK, etc.). Laser vision correction may be an option once your dry eye is properly treated and the surface of your eyes are healthy.
  • http://www.dryeyespecialist.com/appointments.html The Dry Eye Treatment Center | Appointments - Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Muller and learn more about The Dry Eye Treatment Center and how Dr. Muller can help you feel better and see better.

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    Got it for Mac because it literally saved my PC a few years back. With the Mac version, however, it frequently takes control of my computer. Feels like malware. Something it does behind the scenes prevents me from using push to talk on Discord, some shortcuts on Adobe products, and makes my Wacom tablet extremely frustrating (while using photoshop). It takes forever to scan and update (sometimes not at all). Who knows what else. Uninstalling.

  • LISA JOHNSON - Booty Magic works wonders!

    I absolutely love this product! It does exactly what it says and the results are permanent! I stated noticing results after about a week of applying the cream twice daily and working out (both weights and cardio). I definitely recommend this product, it's very affordable and extremely effective!

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  • Kelly - okay

    I like this product and believe that it works but stopped using because it consistantly made my eye lids red, itchy and dry. even after i quit using for month they were still red, :(