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  • Connie Faulkner - worst skin line product ever wasted my money on

    One of the worst product lines I ever purchased, another has been celebrity trying to cash in on past fame, touting an inferior product that actually has no benefits. I would rate this product zero.

  • Odile - Wedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey

    I use Manuka honey for relief from acid reflex - it works so much better than those expensive purple pills! This one has an unusual taste and is very pleasant to the palate. All brands are very sweet but this one has an extra little zing.

  • wabbitjunior - Not What the Doctor Ordered

    I wanted to share this review in the hopes that it might help others suffering from acne. I bought this for my teenage son who started seeing a dermatologist a year ago. My son was dealing with blackheads, whiteheads, and worst of all, cystic acne. I often went on sites such as acne(dot)org and read posts, which included photos, describing cystic acne lasting for several weeks. Those cases were mild compared to what my son was going through. His condition lasted several months; and before any could subside, new ones emerged, so his face looked constantly inflamed. He was prescribed oral antibiotics (Solodyn) and various topical ((Ziana, Acanya, Retin-A Micro). We had hoped that the prescription medication would clear up his skin and rebuild his self-esteem. Over the course of a year, there was little or no improvement.

  • Fernando acevedo - I was running out of budget for my first Ironman ...

    I was running out of budget for my first Ironman 70.3 , so I decided to try the R4...During this 56 miles, probably I had the cheapest bike of the competition, but this bike kicked some mayor high end bike . not only that without doing any changes I took it again for my second Ironman... and guess what... we did it again.... Im going for my 3rd ironman .... No changes planned same tire same saddle ... Only change is an aerobar .... here we go....2015 Georgia... 2016 California... 2017 Syracuse...

  • Rozi - The number of sprays recommended on the bottle are far too many and leave ...

    Saw this at a friend's house and thought the name was very amusing. It is very effective in masking unpleasant toilet time odors. The bottle advises 4-6 sprays, but we find one quick one on the water does the trick. The number of sprays recommended on the bottle are far too many and leave the bathroom overwhelmed and the smell, though not unpleasant, travels throughout the house.

  • C.W. - Great for Swimming - beware battery promise.

    Update: I dropped a star due to battery life... I received my Moov in November, it's now January and the battery is dead??? Huh??? 6 months battery life, uh, no! I would understand if I was super active, but I track 2-3 times a week. Gave up on sleep tracking because it falls out of the band, so it doesn't get a ton of use.

  • poopsie - Stick with "Blood Sugar Solution"

    I admit it: I have not tried the diet. After making the first smoothie -- "Dr. Hyman's Whole-food Protein Shake" (p267) -- I am not going to, either. One would have to be totally desperate to consume this stuff. I make all sorts of smoothies, some with some pretty nasty protein powders. I have never tasted anything as bad as this. My own shakes probably do not keep my blood sugar as low as this one. But, as Dr. Hyman says: "Food should be delightful, delicious, and nourishing to body, mind and soul." This does not come even close to fitting the bill. Dr. Hyman's first book, The Blood Sugar Solution, was an EXCELLENT contribution to the field of nutrition that clearly established him as an authority on this topic. I enjoy reading his posts on the internet -- he seems like an affable and caring guy -- so, I would go further to categorize him as a "popular authority" on the subject. Why he compromised his standing by writing this second book that is so scanty on substance -- and particularly, substance over and above what is in book #1 -- is beyond me. Knocking out coffee and computers is not exactly a novel concept. Other reviews surmise that he is trying to make a buck...perhaps. Too bad. Not worth is to sully one's reputation. I think I will find some parts of this book useful by incorporating some of the ingredients or concepts in what I already do -- but would not follow the plan as presented in his Detox Diet.