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  • Larry W. Johnson - Incorrect packaging

    We ordered size 12/13 but received 10/11 in the 12/13 package. Hope to get the correct size soon as they are a Christmas gift.

  • Yoga Addict - 4 oz Original Gorilla Glue

    I am familiar with this product as I have used it before and love it. It is hard to beat for all that it can do. It sets up fairly quickly (clamps are recommended). You will be amazed at how well this holds most materials. It does expand, which may or may not be a deal breaker for some, it really depends on what you are trying to join together. Also, it is very, very sticky once moistened and setting up, so don't touch it! Use a water spray bottle, get the pre-cleaned surfaces you want to join wet, apply a small amount of glue, spray a bit more water on the glue, join together, clamp and wait 24 hours.

  • TiredMama - No good for panic.

    Others seem to have very different experiences but this was no good for me. 20 minutes after taking it, I had near constant panic attacks. I normally have high anxiety levels so it wasn't entirely surprising. I hate giving it one star but if it keeps one other person away from panic, I've done my job.

  • erubi - caused anal fissures

    I bought the "triple threat" combo of the greens, fat fighter and thermofit. After a couple days of taking them as directed I noticed my poops were burning like if I had eaten spicy food when I hadn't. I let it slide and thought I must have eaten something weird. Next thing I know, after a week and a half of taking these products there is quite a bit of blood in my stool and bowel movements became painful. I immediately stopped taking them.