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  • UpInSmoke - Great Addition to the SRT

    Much needed mod to my 300SRT. Really wakes up the transmission the same way the Predator does for the engine. The bonus features are awesome, especially the line lock & steering wheel shifters. Easy mod to do as well, takes about 30 minutes to install

  • vampira bitely - my favorite oven

    last year my mother gave me 3 of her 20 year old le creuset pieces. since then i have been replacing all my cookware with le creuset. this is my favorite size of the ovens. i'm usually cooking for two, but prefer this as my pasta pot. it's GREAT for soup too, and to have when cooking for guests, potlucks or for leftovers. and you can put it right in the fridge after dinner. the clean up on all these pieces is the absolute best. highly recommend! (i was even using it as a larger skillet substitute for a short while!)

  • Everett J. Hannan - Something that actually works

    This is a great product for reducing brown spots. It took about three weeks of application am and pm before I saw dramatic results (75% reduction). The smell is fresh and the texture light. Does not feel oily or sticky. It is expensive but works well and lasts quite a while. With all the false advertisement out there, it is refreshing to find a product that does what it says.

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    this fit just like glove...weather tech floor mats are a must have to protect your investment...very easy too clean

  • Amazon Customer - Good game but crappy guitar

    Bought this for my son. He really enjoyed it until the guitar broke. He had it for only a couple of weeks. We returned it with no problems because amazon is awesome. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Picked up a fender guitar, strap, picks, a carrying case and the game with the wire all for the same price as the bundle. The fender guitar is soooo much better then the guitar that comes with the game. My son was always tuning the guitar after every song. The fender always stays tuned.

  • will not need another diet book - will not need another diet book

    just received my copy of the insulin resistance diet and i thought it was just marvelous. It explained a lot of the things that would happen to me when i would eat to many carbs, tired, lazy not thinking clearly hmm how was i to know i didn't have enough protein to ofset an insulin rise in me that would cause this lethargic feeling. Anyway the book clearly explains how you can balance your food with enough protein, not count calories or fat( of course anyone wanting to lose weight will watch fat intake) and still lose weight.The book also clearly expains how we gain weight and how we can stop storing fat the minute you start the program, which i might add is very very easy. You might not think something this easy would be able to help you lose weight all i can say is read the book try it any you will be telling others because it will be very evident in the way you look and feel. It has only been a few days for me and i already feel lighter and not as tired when i eat now. This is only the begining will get back with you in about four weeks and let you know the results. The book was interesting and very easy to read satarting reading it for the second time last night.

  • braveskimom - Quickly and Effectively Narrow the College Search

    So many colleges, so many guides. How is a parent to choose which fat paperback to buy? Easy. Your friend, who has older kids that have successfully launched the nest, tells you "Get the Fiske Guide." And good advice it's been. Including approximately 325 of the most "selective and interesting" colleges and universities in the US and UK, this guide features tidbits from current students, as well as insight into each school's strengths and weaknesses. An easy five point rating system ranks academics, social life and quality of life.