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Public Health Consulting & Food Safety Consultants | EHA Consulting Group - EHA Consulting Group provides public and environmental health consulting services such as food safety consulting, epidemiological services, e-coli investigations, infectious disease risk management, training and expert witness testimony.

  • http://www.ehagroup.com/about/ About EHA Consulting Group, Inc. - EpiHealth Consultants - EHA Consulting Group provides public and environmental health consulting services such as food safety consulting, epidemiological services, e-coli investigations, risk management, training and expert witness testimony.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/resources/ Epidemiology, Food Safety, and Pathogen Articles and Resources - EHA Consulting Group - Articles and resources on epidemiolog, food safety, and pathogens from EHA Consulting Group.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/contact/ Contact EHA Consulting Group, Inc. - Contact the EHA Consulting Group today for public health consulting, food safety consulting, epidemiological services, e-coli investigations, risk management, training and expert witness testimony.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/crisis-management/ Food Crisis and Disaster Prevention and Health Crisis Management Consulting/Services - EHA provides disaster prevention services and health crisis managament consulting services. Prevent food crises and disasters.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/epidemiology/ Epidemiology Consultants - Infectious Disease Epidemiology Investigations, Epidemiological Consulting - Expert epidemiology services offered by EHA Consulting Group. Epidemiology services include investigations, risk management, outbreak control, expert witness testimony, training, infectious disease investigations and more.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/epidemiology/expert-witness/ Epidemiology Expert Witness Testimony & Litigation Support - Epidemiology consulting, litigation support, investigations and expert witness testimony by EHA Consulting Group.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/epidemiology/root-cause-analysis/ Epidemiological Root Cause Analysis & Investigations - Root cause analysis for epidemiological investigations, provided by EHA Consulting Group. Learn more about our root cause analysis services.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/epidemiology/regulatory-liaison/ Regulatory Liaison for Epidemiology-Related Legal Issues - Have you ever had difficulty in identifying who to speak with in the Regulatory Community if you have a crisis or need to get answer to a particular question? If so, you're not alone.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/epidemiology/nosocomial-infections/ Nosocomial Infections and Hospital-Acquired Illness - Overview and prevention of nosocomial illnesses and hospital acquired infections. Also features nosocomial infection litigation information and overview of S. aureus, P. aeroginosa and E. coli.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/food-safety/ Food Safety Consulting, Expert Food Safety Consultants - Expert food safety consulting services for retailers, manufacturers, food processors and cruise ships. EHA, the Food Safety Consultants.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/food-safety/audits/ Third Party Audits and Food Safety Auditing and Inspection - EHA Consulting Group, Inc. provides third-party food safety audits for the food processing industry, including retailers.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/food-safety/allergies-allergens/ Food Allergens & Food Allergy Safety & Compliance - FDA compliance and recalls for allergens and food allergies. Food Safety services from EHA Consulting Group.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/food-safety/crisis-recall/ Food Recall Consulting, Food Crisis Recall Experts - EHA provides Food Recall Consulting when your company has a Food Recall Crisis. With planning, training and testing of the program, a crisis can be managed to minimize the short and long-term negative effects.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/food-safety/check-up/ Food Safety Checkup Service - Gap Analysis and Benchmarking - A Food Safety Check-Up is a comprehensive approach to assessing food safety for a manufacturer, foodservice operator, retailer or distributor.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/food-safety/training/ Food Safety Training, HACCP Training, and ServSafe Training - Food safety training, HACCP training, and ServSafe training from EHA Consulting Group. Learn more about our food safety training services.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/food-safety/food-safety-faq/ Learn More about Food Safety Audits and Inspections - Food safety services for food manufacturers. Inspections, consulting, and third party auditing for food manufacturers.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/food-safety/haccp-plan/ HACCP Plan Development - EHA Consulting Group provides expertise and guidance in creating HACCP plans and HACCP programs for the food industry.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/food-safety/laboratory-surveillance/ Laboratory Surveillance and E. Coli - Food safety for cruise ships. Inspection and outbreak prevention for cruise ships.
  • http://www.ehagroup.com/food-safety/bse-mad-cow/ Mad Cow Disease - Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) - BSE, aka Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy aka Mad Cow disease is a slowly progressive, degenerative, fatal disease affecting the central nervous system of adult cattle.

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  • Corey M. - good for me but not for most

    these seem to run narrow, good for me but not for most. I have a very narrow heal, just about every shoe i wear is too wide at the heal, these are not.

  • Koenig888 - Compact KB with solid build quality

    Compact tenkeyless keyboard which is much smaller than my Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth. Build quality is solid. The KB is heavy (for its size) and does not move during heavy gaming. Printing on the key caps is clear. From past experience with my Ultimate Stealth, the printing should survive a few years of continuous heavy pounding.

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    Thoroughly enjoyable history showing the evolution of both BH and Warren Buffett over 50 years. Buffett seems like a decent, humble person with a mountain of business and investment wisdom. It can get a bit repetitive but no harm in skimming those bits.

  • S. Gore - I must be dreaming, Acronis reality actually meets Acronis marketing hype!

    True Image 2010 worked reliably for me, including 2 actual bootable hard-drive restorations. I've been using Acronis True Image in several versions over the years, and the previous 2009 edition was the nadir of their product line. For me at least, Acronis has redeemed themselves after the erratic and dangerous-to-your-data behavior of their last edition.