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Startseite - Meine Ernährungs- und Gesundheitsberatung nach Naturveda ist geeignet für Menschenaller Altersgruppen – vom Kleinkind bis zum Senior.

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  • Judy W. - Easy Mod that puts you in Control

    This product was exactly as expected. After reading several review and articles, I found this at a great price on Amazon. Originally sold for $99,00 but Amazon price was hard to resist. You MUST have a NPP (Dual Mode Exhaust) for this to work, but if you do, you decide Mild sound from your Vette (or maybe Camaro) or open them up and GROWL! Cheapest and possibly only Mod I will do to my Vette!

  • dassy - awful costumer service

    I have the vista double. I loved it as a single but the double was very bulky and hard to maneuver also it is super hard to fold so I always left it open which was fine for me since I have other strollers for car or travel. I would of given it more stars except the a week ago the bar at the bottom detached itself from the side frame which make the stroller a piece of garbage. I thought for such an expensive stroller I will get an excellent costumer service but I was dissapointed to discover that the warranty is only for 2 years and if I want a new frame (since it unreparable) I will have to pay the discounted price of $180 for the frame (not the basket and without the wheels, seat or anything else!). I will think twice before I pay so much for a stroller that the company can't stand behind its products.

  • Ryan B - Fantastic Product for Sensitive Skin

    I have incredibly sensitive skin and have tried dozens of creams and soaps without success until this one was discovered. Now I never deviate away from this. I highly recommend. You buy the pre-shave oil from AOS to accompany this for that smooth glide. These two products accompanied by a high quality straight razor is expensive initially but the cream and oil last an incredibly long time because you use about a dime size portion each day. You will save money over time and avoid the bumps all together. (Hydrocortisone is also helpful after you complete your shave I have found).

  • Ashley Exparza - Cracks you out

    Don't use this! It makes you super cracked out! I can drink several cups of coffee without feeling jittery and this stuff was like speed!

  • Nikki Brooks - The Asia Project rears its ugly head again!!!

    Missy Carter may be the boss' daughter but she is more than capable! Roi is just off the charts alphaness at its best! Witty banter is foreplay for these two and when they finally get together its OMG hotness!!! The I-ops team and PSI team are generally compertmentalised but now the genie is out of the bottle, can they work together?

  • alwaysme - i promise these will work

    (excuse the grammar i'm being lazy)i am 23 and i have always had hair issues but when i found these pills i didn't believe they would work. i started taking them in November then i came down with the flu and had to stop but a month later while im throwing up i notice my nails are longer than they have ever been and i didn't even finish the bottle. so i also noticed as i was relaxing my hair the 2 inches i cut off had grown back so i have been taking these supplements for 3 months straight and i have seen my hair grow inches they really work and i have had no adverse side affects. by the way my skin is softer as well. some people on youtube said it gave them acne i suggest you use an acne system/wash with 2% salicylic acid in it twice a day.