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  • G. Diemond - Be careful with this purchase.

    There is no help feature on any of the games, so unless you know the rules of the game you are playing you're out of luck. The one game I bought the DVD for (cribbage) works successfully, although I don't think the game was set up to accurately mimic the reality of playing it - the card combinations are not often seen in real play, i.e., all four cards of the same number. I have it set on the hardest setting and win far oftener than I should be able to! It does appear to count the hands correctly, however, which was the problem with my old DVD with cribbage - which was a Hoyle product. If there was a help feature that worked on the Reel Deal DVD, I would use it for other games, but for me its use is limited.

  • Chris H - Worth every penny

    I love tis router. Being I work in wireless industry as an engineer I am very picky when it comes to home routers ( since routing is what I do all day). This router has a great gui interface where that's easy to use for beginners and advanced users. Before I received this router I was using the wireless in the ATT Uverse router and it was junk. I could barely get a signal in my garage where I have my Rachio. The power on this drowns out my neighbor's wifi and they have told me they can see mine better than their own. Connection speeds are great I am getting around 500mb on dual stream a/c. I know the specs say it can go higher, but for home use wifi 500 is great and it may be my wireless nic card itself limiting the bandwidth. Another small but helpful benefit is it scans other ssid's and determines the channels to best choose the wifi channel it runs on. It is definitely expensive, but if your a gamer or like to stream, and home automation I would highly recommend this router.

  • Kindle Customer - Never feels

    Great read, great story and great group of characters. Excitement, chills and change of thrilling events. I follow the author because I know ill be reading great books.

  • K Owens - Simple game, but true to story line

    This is my first Lego game and I started playing alone one day when I had some free time. Although the controls are simple, I was still hooked and played through the majority of the "Jurassic Park" story line. I didn't realize this came with the storylines of all the Jurassic Park series. And it followed them pretty closely (with a few allowances here and there to make it more game/kid friendly). I also played with my friend's five year old son. He had never played video games before and he loved it. It took him a few minutes to get used to the controls, and he still got frustrated a few times, but it's a great game to introduce children to video gaming.