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Behavioral Health Services | Philadelphia | Fairmount BHS - Fairmount is a provider of behavioral health services and is the largest freestanding behavioral health hospital in southeastern Pennsylvania.

  • http://www.fairmountbhs.com/about About Fairmount Behavior Health Systems | Fairmount BHS - Fairmount is a regional resource for children, adolescents & adults who have psychiatric & behavioral problems as well as alcohol & drug dependency needs.
  • http://www.fairmountbhs.com/admissions Admission for Behavioral Issues | Fairmount BHS - Admission for behavioral issues at Fairmount Behavioral Health System is dedicated to providing the immediate help you or a loved one might need.

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  • Brian Jacobson - You can count on it!

    I bought 4 of a prior version of this charger already. The original four have a slow blue pulse while charging and a steady blue light when charged. This one pulses when you first properly place the phone on the charger; but, not while charging (which I like). If you were to travel with it or have it near your bed it will not disturb you when your trying to get to sleep. I haven't compared its charging speed to the prior charging pads of the same brand to see if it is actually a faster charger (since it says fast charging on the pad). Overall I am very happy with the product quality and performance and would recommend it to others that have phones that would use this charging platform. I prefer this sooooo much over placing a corded connection in the bottom of the phone in the dark as I end my day.

  • DaBus - Fun experiment

    This is a great kit because it gives average beer drinkers the chance to make if for themselves. I've used this to make several types of beer and some have been better than others. The best was probably the Vienna Lager. I added some extra brown sugar to that which increases the alcohol content. Turned out quite tasty. I don't think that the stock beer that comes with the kit is very good but they sell other types separately.