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  • Narin S. - It's easy to use

    It's easy to use! And reads everything at close range! Love the fact that it's non-contact because past experiences using a temporal scan thermometer was a pain trying to use it on a fussy infant.

  • Markus33 - Unbelievably strong. Just wear gloves...

    A word of advice--wear rubber gloves. I used this to re-glue my convertible top to the glass window after the factory glue failed. Folks online said this was the only product that will stick to glass. And while the "only" part may or may-not be true, it definitely sticks brilliantly to glass. Oh, and to fingers--EXTREMELY WELL. Between the 2 bottles, it's enough to last a lifetime. But trust me on the gloves thing--you WILL glue to your thumb to your forefinger.

  • Lani702 - Worth getting over the basic pink box and Results are FAST!!

    I've been faithfully using viviscal for about a year, but before that it was on and off for about 4 years. I used the pink version which took forever to see a difference, than I found out about this professional option and have been using this for the past 2 months and LOVE IT!!.. I highlight my hair changing colors every 6 months out of boredom and when I showered I had a Ton of hair fall out, but since using Especially this version oh my god, I only have 15 hairs come out and I've been counting. My hair is a bit more thicker, and my baby hairs are growing longer and thicker in the front of my scalp. My hair has grown more and over all this is a FANTASTIC product!! I will be using this until there is another product in the future that does more, but as for now, this as good as it comes!

  • Amazon Customer - It has great resources for future goal

    This book help you for navigate different websites for employment. It has great resources for future goal.

  • Amazon Customer - I hate to do this but I thought this was just ...

    I hate to do this but I thought this was just awful. I have long and thick hair. You can only put a very small, and I'm talking small amount of hair into the chamber for it to give your hair any sort of curl. I was thoroughly disappointed. So it's going back! I would suggest if you have thick, long hair you reconsider purchasing this product. The concept is great but it just doesn't cut it!

  • carebear - Simply fabulous

    Love love love this product!!!! I have super sensitive skin so I'm always worried when trying a new product. Let me just sat this product is amazing...great smell-great exfoliator-and left my skin feeling soft. This is a product that I did receive at a reduced price to yr and provide my honest feedback on...but let me tell you I will be buying more when needed as I will continue to use this product.