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  • nadler369 - Nice for the price.

    This little grinder does a very nice job of grinding beans. I usually take a whole pound of ground coffee to work for my French press, so I grind a lot all at once. This handles that well. My chief complains are that it is not easy to clean out and the static from the grinds causes them to stick to the container making it even more difficult to clean out. There is often a small pile of grinds on the counter when I'm done - but remember I'm grinding almost a full kilo at a time.

  • Sam Casey - Halloween Treats Jack and Raven, and more

    Jack and Raven's book it the insta-love, alpha obsessed, stalking because he can't help it stuff I LOVE! Jack falls in love with Raven at first sight. Raven is a shy 3rd grade teacher of Jack's nephew. Once Jack can't take being away from Raven, he makes his move, and Raven is his. This is a short, but sweet story, which also has several other Alexa Riley books, of course Halloween themed as a bonus. You won't regret getting this book.

  • Amazon Customer - NOT FOR ME...

    The first week it seemed to clear my mild acne. The second week my face itched like crazy! This product also irritated my neck. The third and final week of using this product my face broke out horribly. I havent seen my face that bad since high school. Iexpected such great things because of the positive reviews. I know it says to give it time but I couldn't take the itching, severe breakouts and oily moisturizer. I have oily skin and this moisturizer made my face super oily. I recently purchased a new product which caters to women of color. Hopefully this works because I've seen great reviews and it's made for African American skin. I'll still keep this product or maybe give it to my sister.