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Uterine fibroids, tumours and embolization. - Treatment of uterine fibroid tumours by uterine artery embolisation, HRT Hormone replacement and getting pregnant after embolisation.

  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/quickfacts.htm Fibroids symptoms weight gain. Some Quick Facts about Uterine Artery Embolisation and Pregnancy - In our trial of fibroid embolisation we have had 74 patients who have had successful completed pregnancies.
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/joburg.htm A few weeks ago I was lecturing in Johannesburg on fibroid embolisation to gynaecologists - hopefully fibroid embolisation will gain sway in South Africa as there is a huge potential demand for it because of the increased incidence of fibroids in African women
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/uterine_fibroid_symptoms.htm Uterine fibroid symptoms - Symptoms of uterine fibroids include heavy periods, frequency of urination, constipation, bloating,sciatica and back pain and distension of the abdomen.
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/uterine_fibroids_treatment.htm Uterine fibroids treatment - Fibroid embolisation can be used to treat single or multiple fibroids has the advantage of killing all the fibroids at one session with only a minimal recurrence rate.
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/uterine_artery_embolisation.htm Uterine Artery Embolisation - Uterine Artery Embolisation is a procedure in which a small catheter is inserted into the femoral artery in the groin and under X-ray TV control
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/homeopathic.htm Shrink Fibroids Naturally - There is no evidence whatsoever that any so called ‘natural’ cures have any effect on shrinking fibroids.
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/article1.htm Even very young women get uterine fibroids by Dr. Karen Morton Medical Helpline - The management of fibroids in women who wish to retain fertile. We offer uterine artery embolisation to our patients in Guildford.
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/alternatives.htm Uterine fibroids symptoms and treatment - Uterine fibroid embolisation (embolization) for fibroids is no longer a new procedure. It was first carried out in France in a small number of cases in the early 1990s
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/world_experience.htm Uterine fibroids embolisation world experience indicates a success rate of over 90%. - Interventional Radiology in the United States in 1999 of 10,500 procedures revealed less than 1% of serious complications
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/walkers_series.htm Cure for uterine fibrids. Embolization Series Results from a study - HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy Fibroids Embolization Specialist at the Royal Surrey Hospital, Guildford - We have performed fibroid embolisation in over 2,300 patients. Since the early phase of the trial our complication rate has fallen and the technique has undergone changes.
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/fibroids_pregnancy.htm Uterine Fibroids and Pregnancy | Trying to conceive - Pregnancy after uterine fibroid embolisation. A series of 56 pregnancies after uterine fibroids embolization. Pregnancy series data conducted over 5 years.
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/uterine_fibroids_embolisation_status.htm Uterine fibroid embolisation has been elevated to a Best Practice Tariff for Uterine fibroid embolisation by the NHS. - Fibroids symptoms and signs. Uterine fibroid embolisation was passed by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) for routine use in 2007.
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/fibroids_adenomyosis.htm Patients misdiagnosed with uterine fibroids may have adenomyosis. Cells from the lining of the womb migrate into the muscle of the womb. - The traditional treatment for adenomyosis is hysterectomy. Endometrial ablation or Merina coil insertion. Uterine Artery embolisation is increasingly used to treat adenomyosis.
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/suitable_patients.htm Which patients are suitable for uterine fibroid embolisation? Fibroid nausea symptoms - Despite the vast amount of data on UFE many patients are told they are unsuitable for the procedure.
  • http://www.fibroids.co.uk/fibroids_delayed_treatment.htm A complication myth about uterine fibroid embolisation and delayed treatment - If uterine fibroids grow following myomectomy, prompt treatment should be considered before the fibroids become too large and difficult to treat except by radical surgery.

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