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  • G. Guesby - For Bodies Mosquitoes love

    I do like it. I don't like the mosquitoes and they just love me. I'd definitely recommend this product!

  • Kimberly Brooks - A great app... if you use it right!

    First, expect to wait. All this stuff comes from China, so don't think you're getting things in three days. Second, read reviews!! There are definitely some misses on this app, but if you research before buying your chance of a dud is slimmer. Third, remember that Asian sizes are SO MUCH smaller than US. Prepare to order 2-3 sizes above your actual size. Fourth, watch the electronics. If it plugs into a wall, it probably doesn't have a US standard plug and you'll need an adapter. Fifth, save yourself some disillusionment and remember that there are no name brands on this site, so even if that lipstick says NYX, its not. ;)