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  • R. Latham - Code no good to activate.

    Install code did not work to activate. I used trial code that lasted a month, then it asks for yearly code. It dont work so now what? I emailed the seller, nothing.

  • Buzz - Does not work with Firefox

    I download this product directly from the publisher. Wish I could have review it properly. Unfortunately, the software froze on the first W-2 when directly entering info into the form rather than following the questionnaire. Used "allow pop-ups" and "allow cookies" settings in Firefox. Simply doesn't work. Either freezes or makes me log in again to start from scratch.

  • Aaron585 - 3ft perfect length

    Don't fall victim to getting more length than you really need. The price barely changes the longer you go and It might seem like a great value. However, after a few months, all that extra cable laying on the floor will make your set-up look cluttered. I have a 55 inch 4k tv hanging on a glass tv stand with a player on the second of 3 shelves. 3 feet is more than enough length. Unless you have a huge tv, I strongly recommend trying out this shorter length first before going for that 6 foot option.

  • Lynn Merrill - I really liked the first two seasons of flash

    I really liked the first two seasons of flash. I am not a fan of the dissipating timeline artifice, which has already (by the third episode of the third season) been used way too often. Reminds me of the entire season of DALLAS that turned out to be a dream. Yuck!! Also why THE VIBE could not remember elements from the vanished timeline is not explained.

  • Dana Adams - Helpful for lice prevention

    Lice was going around my kindergartener's class. I bought this product as soon as the first couple of cases were announced. While it continued to quickly spread to many other kids, my son never got lice. While I can't say with certainty that this spray prevented him from getting lice, I think it definitely helped. I just sprayed it through his hair each morning before school. He liked the (strong) rosemary smell, and it left his hair soft but not oily.

  • Thomas - Best Head set yet...

    I have owned the last two versions of this headset and this one is even better. The only item that is a bit of ding but not enough to take down a star is the unique charger adapter. I love carrying one cord to charge several devices so having to carry one additional is a bit of pain. The charges do last long.