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Fosters Pharmacy - All Foster's Pharmacy locations in Mount Vernon, Knox County, Centerburg Ohio are full service pharmacies with medical equipment, flu shots, home health, and prescription delivery.

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  • Wayne Thomas - Microsoft Publisher 2010

    If you are in charge of publishing a newsletter, this is it!!! Any Microsoft program is a simple Cut and Paste effort, Photos, online articles, Email excerps, Club Secretary minutes in Word, Treasurers report in Excel. Presidents message sent in PDF ALL become a simple cut and paste. Resizing Fonts to fit the space allowed for each is a breeze. There is a slight learning curve to get it all figured out, but it definately made my Editor of the Newsletter job much, much easier.

  • Catherine - AWESOME!!!

    This is my third update for this software. The ability to save 'trips' is one that is huge for me, and the fact that I can go back and edit those trips is a fantastic feature for how I use it for my business. Easy to install, easy to use, pay attention to what the icons are on the task bar and you will have no problems navigating it. The first trip out, you will pay for the software in gas saved. Not to mention aggravation. Yes, I have a GPS, but this allows me to logically route my trip, then I put the addresses into my GPS and I'm good to go.

  • Cece - OH EM GEE

    I feel like every woman should have this amazing product in their life. No more fear of stinking up the office when you have to go after that large cup of coffee. If a guy is reading this, please disregard, you all know that women do not poop. It's okay.