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UNIROMA1 - Tecnica e Legislazione Farmaceutiche (INDICE DEL CORSO) - CONTENT="Multimedia teaching course for pharmacists and herbalists. With extensive discussion of topics of science, pharmaceutical technology , health statistics, pharmaceutical legislation and intellectual property rights. Corso d

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  • Nicholas R Annen - Great tax book, but for the more advanced tax person

    I'm a tax accountant and I bought this book to use as a desk reference. It's perfect for that purpose, but for the average person who is just trying to learn more about their annual income tax return I would suggest "taxes made simple". This book tends to be a bit more advanced for the average non-tax person

  • JEFFREY S. - Good product

    Saves cleanup time when installing ceiling speakers. Works well but, plan on tightening up the connection after drilling a few holes with it as the adjuster works its way loose.

  • wiseowl - I love that it does not have caffeine

    It gave me a lot of energy, but I did use another supplement with it. I'll update this when I only use this product. I love that it does not have caffeine, but I'm unsure how having over 20 grams of sugar is beneficial for my health? I know it doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup, so that's a plus.

  • Modi - Lacks balance

    Well, storyline keeps using known motifs from sci fi classics, that is not necessarily bad, as long as the overall story is new. Overall, the series lacks balance between actions, characters, dialogues, background, etc.... In some cases the details are tiring, then there are places where huge sections of background stories are either repeated or inserted into to storyline, some action scenes are detailed to the level of each specific shot and then entire battle scenes are summarized into a single sentence.

  • Bandit - Cabela's Big Game Hunter

    My grandson and son love playing this together. My grandson loves that there are different locations to hunt in. Great price and product.