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  • Laurie Woodward - Great V-Ball

    This is an amazing volleyball! Construction is of the utmost quality;Has great handling and serving properties BUT watch out can be served or spiked incredibly fast and hard! A very durable and fun ball to use.

  • Jaques Morel - Not really about sex - about being a better partner for your lady

    As I was reading it about a year ago, I kept wishing I had read it in high school. I would probably have enjoyed my relationships a lot more and likely avoided the needless heartache and mental anguish that comes along with being a "nice guy" who has always responded to fit tests and tantrums by working even harder to please. I feel it has benefited both myself and my wife. I definitely have an easier time dealing with the very confusing and frustrating behavior that can come out, and am no longer afraid to call out inappropriate behavior. I found this book after coming across the author's blog and wanted to know more about fit tests. That aspect alone is worth the read. It's easy to read (I couldn't stop) and very entertaining. I will share this book with my son when he's old enough to benefit from it.

  • maree - Like it a Lot

    I am 62 so rely on finding good products to help with "beauty maintenance." I have been using Cold Plasma Sub-D for a month and am amazed that a cream can really make a difference. Have seen a smoothing effect on my neck and jawline. Nothing else has worked like this. I have tried other creams that have burned my skin, left red lines, and dried out my skin. This moisturizes while it tightens the skin. The smell is different, but I don't find that a deal breaker. All I can say is, "wow - better living through chemistry." Will keep using this product until Perricone tells us he has something even better. I never thought a cream would have ny noticeable benefit on my neck.

  • M. Rodrigues - A Fantastic WiFi Device for any home.

    I was reluctant to purchase this router (well actually ANY router) as I have some phobias about being wireless connected to a global web network and opening new opportunities for a hacker of unsolicited monitoring of my web usage and personal information. I guess it was simply time to connect with 2015 and get with the times. I was really just looking for a router to project WiFi through my home so I could use my mobile devices without huge phone data usage charges from AT&T each month. Our family use iPhone and i Pad devices regularly and many apps must have internet connections. This thing proved a very, very pleasant surprise.

  • A. Gross - Simple and effective

    I've been using Kasperski for about 18 months now. It seems to be effective and runs in the background without bogging my PC down, unlike McAfee did. I read some horror stories about the renewal process, so I just bought the newest version off of Amazon when my previous subscription ran out and had no problems installing the latest version, I was even able to transfer the license to my new PC, with no hassles at all.