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GAT Portugal - O GAT - Grupo de Ativistas em Tratamentos, fundado em 2001, é uma estrutura de adesão individual e cooperação entre pessoas de diferentes comunidades e de diferentes organizações, afetadas pelo VIH e SIDA.

  • http://www.gatportugal.org/noticias/reducao-de-danos-pragmatismo-e-radicalismo_77 GAT Portugal - Redução de danos: pragmatismo e radicalismo - Entrevista com Ricardo Fuertes sobre a sua experiência de trabalho na área da redução de danos em Barcelona e Lisboa.
  • http://www.gatportugal.org/noticias/forum-mais-participacao-melhor-saude_76 GAT Portugal - Fórum MAIS PARTICIPAÇÃO, melhor saúde - Fórum MAIS PARTICIPAÇÃO, melhor saúde dia 18 de outubro no Auditório do Edifício Novo da Assembleia da República
  • http://www.gatportugal.org/noticias/participacao-publica-em-saude-assine-a-peticao_74 GAT Portugal - Participação Pública em Saúde: assine a petição - Assine a petição para a instituição da Carta para a Participação Pública em Saúde

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  • Joshua McCurry - very easy to read and understand

    Everything you need to know, very easy to read and understand. Practice tests at the end for a refresher. I received this item at a discount for an honest review.

  • M. Miller - Does not neutralize urine smell of dogs

    I bought Nature's Miracle after comparing the price to Fizzion which I'd been using until then. It was slightly cheaper so I thought why not give it a try. At first I was very pleased because Nature's Miracle smells nice.

  • Jessica L. - Try it, you'll like it!

    Such a fun (and delicious) way to start the day! The idea was such a hit, we had to buy a second box for my parents.

  • RR.RN - Best screen protector ever.

    I was searching for a screen protector for my new iPhone 7 and came across this. I had no idea something like this even existed and definitely liked the concept. First, and most importantly, this is extremely EASY to apply compared with the flimsy plastic screen protectors - no annoying bubbles. I ordered a 2 pack since historically I always screw up the first effort, but with these that is a thing of the past! Second, the smudges are not as noticeable. I mean tilt it right in the light and yes you can see them, but nothing compared to the plastic covers. I definitely feel my phone is much better protected with these. The only bad thing (which really has nothing to do with this products design) is that the iPhone 7 has slightly rounded edges, so the protector glass is quite narrow, but if you take your time lining it up, you will be able to cover the entire screen and the hole will line up perfectly. Since applying it 3 weeks ago, I have dropped my phone once on a hard surface (I am not one who is prone to dropping their phone all the time) and it held up well. Has not once slipped from the original position it was applied.

  • Bigmac - This Book Fails at Humor and Most Importantly ACT Tips!

    If you're looking for an actual guide to help you boost your ACT score look elsewhere, because this isn't it! This book is written by a bunch of authors who think if they throw in enough Geek-Humor you will be relaxed and laughing at their pathetic attempts at humor.

  • paige michaels - Sleek

    These look very nice, but because I have a white stove top, the contrast looks a little odd to me. And they fit my GE perfectly. I'm not using them mostly because of how they look on my stove top, but they are very nice looking. I'll stick to my chrome ones for now. Shipping was super fast - received my order much faster than anticipated.

  • daniel p wheaton - unnessesary changes

    The classic view is no longer available unless you have the subscription. (If you are using LT the subscription is a joke) The tile view requires to many extra steps. I dumped it for 2014.