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  • Ganondorf65 - Wet your fingers before touching the product.

    This product does an amazing job at repairing all kind of stuff around the house. But be warned, once it's cured, it becomes stiff and not flexible as I thought it would be.

  • Chris - The Best There Is

    Best in depth Texas centric preview magazine out there. Nobody knows more about Texas football than these guys. You get looks at each player, each position, how they fit into the offense and defense, with actual X's and O's. They even include recruiting talk. Thinking Texas Football truly has it all.

  • Douglas J. Miller - I just heard Mr Horn on a radio program. ...

    I just heard Mr Horn on a radio program. He was so excited I think his socks were rolling up and down. You see, the AZ Dept of Transportation (ADOT) had just released a stationary highway camera shot showing what could be imagined to be a family of Bigfoot crossing the road with a tongue in cheek comment to that affect by ADOT in the caption below. The highway cam photo for the next day shows the the same configuration of stationary objects (rocks, tree stumps) - same positions, same locations, obviously not Bigfeet! So why would such a skilled researcher as Mr. Horn be so excited and talk of putting this on his website as though it were an actual Bigfoot siting? It took my meager research talents less than 60 seconds to figure out this little prank by ADOT. Be careful where you spend your money.

  • Dragonfly - Couldn't do without

    We have a private water well system...this product is a MUST to rid the toilets and tubs from stubborn mineral stains! Fast delivery and packaged well...no leakage during transport.

  • Dillon 285 - Did not work for me. Dried out skin.

    Though this is not supposed to dry out skin, it does for me.... I do have sensitive skin, even with my normal moisturizer my skin gets dry. That doesn't happen often with other products I've tried.

  • Amazon Customer - Seems to be working fine

    Who knows how effective it may really be but I poured a little in my crankcase and the rest into a full tank of gas a few days after my engine shut down right after starting one morning. I figure it had to be dirty injectors since my Honda has 225k miles on it and I had not treated the gas or oil in quite some time. Car is running great and I plan on using the second bottle at my next oil change.

  • Carric - The price is excellent, especially when you look at how inexpensive the ...

    The price is excellent, especially when you look at how inexpensive the strips are. Outstanding purchase.