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  • Kristen - Five Month Old Approved!

    This is such a fun playmat! My five month old was all about playing with this as soon as we set it up. He likes slapping it and making the water go around, and then the little fish float around, which he watches. It's the perfect size for a baby his age, and it's great for tummy time, since it gives him something to look at and interact with on the ground where he's laying. It's easy to clean, so if he drools on it, it's not too big of a deal, and it's easy to store, since the water and air just has to be let out and then it can be folded. The air is easy to fill, and the water section is fairly easy, though it can be hard to get it filled properly without getting water everywhere. Making sure it's not completely filled with water gives the water room to slosh around, which gives the baby more fun time.

  • jamie - works!

    I have recurrent uti's.. I get a couple a year- for the past 5 years or so. Ever since I started taking this daily I haven't had any problems..And if I run out, I instantly start feeling one coming on. This truly is a great supplement! I just take one daily.. two if I feel like I need it. Works wonders. . And I drink lotssss of water!

  • A. Nigel - Was wonderful on Kindle HDX but...

    My review relates to the digital edition of this magazine. When I first started using cooking light on my Kindle it was okay but not great. Then cooking light took their time to create a wonderful digital magazine. By pressing a save button on the recipe page you could (without having to leave your digital edition) view reviews and you could save the recipe. You could maneuver throughout the magazine. Best thing they ever did. It was touted as a wonderful enhancement to their magazine . And they were right. Lots of fanfare when this came out. Then without even an explanation they took all of this functionality away. I'm so disappointed that they didn't communicate that it was costing them too much to keep this going. I have been a loyal subscriber for many many years and never got a reply from several emails and a phone call I made regarding this. Finally somebody in customer support told me that they were not going to have such a robust digital edition anymore. I still subscribe but it's just not the same. For anyone expecting a robust digital magazine like National Geographic you will be sorely disappointed. I can't imagine how Cooking Light will survive in this digital age. Sad.

  • Candace Ramsahoi - Somewhat Accurate

    I read this book before traveling to Morocco with my kids this summer (2016) ages 10 & 12. This book is somewhat accurate. It was very helpful to use as a guide. The portion of the book about the market place in Tangiers is totally inaccurate! Tangiers is still very much unsafe - so much so that the taxi driver refused to take me to the market because he told me I would not be safe there and it was "dirty" and filled with drug sellers and prostitutes he told me to stay on the beach! And guess what he was correct! Overall Morocco is a lovely country and the people and warm and welcoming and kind to visitors - more so than France or any other country. My family found that reading reviews on Booking.com were the most helpful when it came to choosing restaurants and hotels, because those reviews are the most current and honest.

  • Jennifer Rooth - Perfect for kids

    My nephew scampered away with my sister's ipod shuffle, so I got him his own filled with his own music. It won't be as easy to accidentally increase the volume (which is good since my nephew is 4), and it's not cost prohibitive, so in the event my nephew does manage to destroy it, I'd be able to replace it. The earphones that come with it are similar to the ipod "isn't worth the plastic it's made of" earpods, but they'll work for a kid.

  • liliana Bernal - So far the Kbands have been great! We did have a issue with the velcro ...

    So far the Kbands have been great! We did have a issue with the velcro ripping but customer service was awesome and Kbands sent us one the next day express mail... we Love them

  • meandeddy - Acquired skill

    It takes a little working with to fully appreciate Access, since it's basically a more advanced Excel. Once I worked with it a while, I love it more than Excel.