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  • Akomplice - Read the box, take responsibility for your own mistakes.

    Unfortunately, for what I needed, Neverwet did not live up to the hype, or its claims. It wasn't very durable and didn't last on what I used it on, I don't mind the frost effect but the fact that rubs off or washes away with little effort makes it practically useless for my needs. It works better on rougher and more porous surfaces than smooth steel or aluminum. I also cleaned the surface thoroughly before applying and followed the directions word for word. For this job, here are better surface waterproofing/sealing options available. Maybe I'll find something else it works well on in the future and modify my rating.

  • Ollie - Tried it once and it worked OK. I can't ...

    Tried it once and it worked OK. I can't seem to manually enter data for a history plot. The cables are so short it's difficult to set up. There isn't much information on how to use it and what the icons mean or do.

  • RhythmLuvr - It gets the job done, but poorly.

    Full of bugs, every time I get an update I think maybe this time they fixed the bugs, but alas, no. Very poorly designed integration into the Mac OS. Like the title says it gets the job done, but very poorly.

  • Retired 1 - Skeeter dud

    The seller was fine and I had no problem with them. I find that this Skeeter Vac system is a dud and does not work. I have the large unit and a small back yard. I have put this unit on in early spring and still have tons of bugs after sundown.

  • Mom4kids - New Little Friend

    First impression... great packaging! The MicroNoid was pleasing to the eye in the box. After I opened the box I thought, what on earth have I gotten my twelve year old and I into. The screws and parts were overwhelming. Consequently, I quieting watched my twelve year old as she excited herself in the construction of this micro machine. She was able to assemble it in much less time than I would have imagined and she loves this new mechanical friend that she has.