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  • Alex H. - Doesn't Work!!!

    Unfortunately I have to put a star although it doesn't deserve one. I have been using this product for about 45 days now and have seen Zero results! I would like my money back since they claim to have a 60 day money back guarantee!! Can someone please help me get my money back?

  • Mathew - Hakkin/Peacock is leagues better

    Run. This Zippo crap warmer is hard to light, barely gets warm unless you're literally touching the metal, a pain to fill, and barely lasts. After getting a Hakkin/Peacock warmer, you'll see how much better they really are. This thing sucks. If it's in the pouch, you can barely feel it. The metal top falls off wayyyy too easily. You know that saying that japanese cars are better than american? It applies to hand warmers as well! Get a Hakkin/Peacock! Peacocks have a better pouch, they're easier to light, easier to fill, get warmer, and last longer, and the damned top doesnt fall off! Do you see all these dumb zippo videos on here talking about the trick to lighting it? Setting the catalyst on fire? Are you crazy? The Peacock needs MAXIMUM 3 SECONDS of being near an open flame and BAM its started. Ditch the Zippo, believe me. I started with 1 Zippo, it died after FIVE uses. bought 4 peacocks and I've never been happier. Screw zippo!

  • Latricia - Extremely disappointed with the results

    Followed cleanse as directed and only lost 2 pounds. Extremely disappointed with the results. Dont waste your money.

  • Silly 501 - Great buy, easy to install. cheaper than dealerships.

    Great saving compared with dealership. Easily installed. No instructions were included but I searched online and found exact details and a you-tube piece on installation and how to avoid the pitfalls. Perfectly installed by me, a woman ( who is not mechanically minded) in just under 20 min. Yay!