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HapaVir - Viral Replicating Inhibitor - HapaVir - The Virus Replicating Inhibitor - Content="HapaVir is a safe and natural, broad-spectrum anti viral compound. HapaVir does not kill viruses, instead, it interferes with a virus microbe

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  • kenneth s bunton - Digifit doesn't fit.

    I ordered digifit mats for my 2010 Toyota CrewMax truck. The rear mats are fine, however the front mats do not fit as well. The passenger side slides around pretty bad and they both have gaps that would allow fluid and/or dirt to get under them.

  • Chester E. Kruger Jr. - Ordered at Amazon- tru Dodge Dealer

    Fast service, packed safely and just what I wanted and fantastic product!!! Can't say enough about dealer or product. and why does it need to be twenty words???? !!!!

  • Robin. Vaughan - Really helped me

    Bought these because I was getting mucus on my lungs and tubes, after any meal. I've had acid reflux for many years and found out that is due to the asthma inhalers, I have used since childhood. They are the cause of the acid reflux and constant problems with that over the years, seems to have caused some scarring at the base of the esophagus. That's why I have been suffering with the mucus every time. It's all related.


    I took this pills just for the "joint health" promotion, having no previous issues with my joints. As mentioned by others here I also had acute pains in elbows and shoulders. I stopped immediately but the symptoms still remain. I urgently ask everybody not to buy this pills and suggest to file an investigation / lawsuit for misleading promotion and health threatening .

  • Linda K. Bloomquist - A lot of info for a 9 year old.

    My grandson is CRAZY about this book. I swear he barely stopped to eat once he received it. His memory is amazing, so I get to hear all kinds of fun facts!