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Qin Chun Zhang Acupuncture & TCM Clinic - B.C. Registered Acupuncturists (R.TCM.P/R.Ac) and China Certified Chinese Traditional Medicine Doctors in Vancouver B.C. Canada - specializes in Cosmetic Acupuncture, Pain Management, Stroke Recovery, and Women's Health. - We are an Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Richmond / Vancouver B.C. We are R.TCM.P/R.Ac and China certified TCM Doctors. With 18 years of clinical experience, we have used the Magic Needles , the ancient method, treated sucessful around 23,000 patients . We have published over 20 medical papers in prestigious acupuncture and TCM research journals. We specialize in Cosmetic Acupuncture, Women’s Health, Stroke Recovery, Pain Management, and Weight Loss.

  • http://www.hardyacupuncture.com/main_acupuncture.php Hardy Huang and Liza Zhang: B.C. Registered Acupuncturists and China Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors (TCM doctors), specialized in Cosmetic Acupuncture, Women's Health, Pain Management, Stroke Recovery. - As China Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors and R.TCM.P/R.Ac in B.C. with the past over 18 years of clinical experience, we have treated around 23,000 patients effectively. In China we were also University Associate Professors of Acupuncture/TCM and over 20 medical papers were published. Hardy Huang was graduated from Hubei Traditional Chinese Medicine University while Liza Zhang graduated from Guangzhou TCM University
  • http://www.hardyacupuncture.com/specialties_acupuncture.php Qin Chun Zhang Acupuncture & TCM Clinic in Vancouver B.C. : Our Specialties / Cosmetic Acupuncture (wrinkle control/facelift), Why Not Surgery or Botox? - Hardy Huang and Liza Zhang are B.C. registered Acupuncturist and China Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors specialized in Cosmetic Acupuncture (wrinckle control/facelist/weight loss), Women's Health, Pain Management, and Stroke Recovery.
  • http://www.hardyacupuncture.com/treatments_acupuncture.php Our treatments are Stroke, Neck/shoulder/Back/knee pain, Facial cosmetic, Peripheral facial paralysis, Sports injuries, Hair loss, Traumatic paraplegia, etc. - We have also successfully treated with but not limited to the symptoms: Infantile Cerebral palsy, Arthritis& osteoarthritis, Over/lose weight, Headaches & migraines, Perimenopausal Syndrome, Chesty, Insomnia /Tinnitus, Irregular menstruation, Stopping smoking, Alzheimer's, Sterility, Allergies, Auditory vertigo, Facilitating childbirth, Acne/shingles, Digestion disorder, Malposition of fetus, Neuro-dermatitis, Habitual constipation, Premenstrual tension syndrome, Infantile enuresis, Obstinate hiccup, Chronic prostatitis, ADHD in children.

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  • Autumn - The Quality is Evident!

    I haven taken B-12 everyday for many years. I repeatedly purchase this product. I can just tell the quality is better than the B-12 I have been purchasing in the grocery store. It even tastes better. I have actually wasted other B-12 vitamins I have purchased and have returned to this product. It's one of my favorite Amazon purchases!

  • Richard S. Brookes - Shocking

    Worked right out of the box without having to adjust the tread, etc... Running on this will sometimes cause a static buildup and when you touch one of the handle bars it will shock the crap out of you, which will at least keep your heart rate up.

  • SillyGirl71 - using the product seemed AMAZING so I said

    I can honestly say, I became a brand partner a little over a year ago. At first, using the product seemed AMAZING so I said, why not?! Now, first of all if you do get involved it's like a total cult mentality-no lie. They're a bit nuts with it and if someone tries to sell you that "I love making my own hours and working when I want to so I can be with my family.." it's crap! Funny, these people say they have time freedom but want you on calls and events every week on evenings and weekends,...FAMILY TIME! Now to the product. About three months ago it stopped working for me. I mean, dead stop. My crows feet were awful, the frown line and laugh lines deeper, so I asked my friend who signed me up and I got "could have been a bad batch. Open a new bottle." Still nothing. Went to my medspa and got botox (which actually does work miracles! lol) and the doctor and I discussed it and he told me that in some people it WILL work great for a LIMITED time due to the fact that the oleander tends to cause inflammation. When you're inflamed and "puffy" it decreases the appearance of wrinkles. Over time, I built up a tolerance (just as you would to a medication you take daily) and the swelling decreased more and more...showing the wrinkles. 100% honesty, I get better results with the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives line. All their products are great and inexpensive. By the way, all the other ingredients in Nerium are laughable and common and found in EVERY OTC moisturizer. I feel like a bad person for calling out a company I've been affiliated with but I would say don't bother and DEF don't get roped into the "business". Oh and if you HATE network marketing "catch phrases" like "you're on FIRE" and "You don't want to miss this ride!" you will want to beat all of them senseless :)

  • RONALD K JETTER - Easy to enter, next to impossible to view or export summaries

    The program is self-explanatory with respect to entering coins, and seems to have established values which are within about 20%, usually high, of the 2014 Red Book. Just fine for getting the collection insured for replacement value. It's the reporting that proves to be cumbersome, complex and really not all that useful. There is no clear way to export to an excel spreadsheet, which is the easiest way to manipulate and sort data. Rather it dumps data into prefab reports not to create a file but to send a file to the printer without actually viewing or saving it on the hard drive. Backups go to a winzip file, which is fine for those who have paid for winzip but it still requires an extra fee for the rest of us to be able to restore data from the backup. So I have an excellent data file which I cannot actually use. Months of work down the tube.