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  • Chris G - good product

    good product good price, nice that it covers 3 products. I guess Norton continues to be the leader. my gripe with them is when something they know about infects your pc and you call them for help, they know how to remove it but want to charge you to tell you how to remove it.

  • Amazon Customer - Doesn't blend smoothies fine enough.

    I purchased the Ninja for the 3 blades and larger container, thinking it would be better than my KitchenAid, and just tried it out for the first time. It does not blend smoothies as fine as the $100 KitchenAid blender. Pieces of blueberries and spinach grate much finer in the KitchenAid. I am returning the Ninja.

  • Tall Paul - Waste of time. Nero went down the drain

    Nero goes further down the drain. software doesn't work. nothing but error messages and no blu-ray support. The classic bait and switch. Try the trial version and see for yourself. Nero is only good for burning CD's and DVD's. There are plenty of free software programs that can do that like ImgBurn

  • Sarahi Noys - Awesome!! Great for all pc and best for custom built machines!

    Awesome product. I've used nero in the past and I do remember issue with burning cds but mainly was due to Spyware causing the computer to run slow causing buffer over runs. In this new day and age and with lots of experience with computers Spyware no more (Spyware from other sources of course i dont think nero has spyware) and with that said this software installed flawlessly. Update was a breeze and I burned my first cd and have been listening to my favorite old Skool songs everyday on my way to and back from work. (what is old Skool to me). I've read some review before I purchased and those complaining about not install correctly or hanging u need to update your pc and don't blame the software. Can't wait to try making 4k movies and as soon as I test the media app I'll post a new review or edit this one

  • Brent Hillyer - I really wanted the reviews to be wrong

    Bad dialogue, lame villain, too much product placement, and disappointing cameos. Comicbookgirl19 was correct that we shouldn't support a bad movie just because we want something to work. I was hoping for a successful relaunch, this was not it. Definitely not worth a $5 rental

  • Matthew Sugiyama - I like the design of the head as it is easier ...

    I would only use synthetic in my car and Mobil one never seems to let me down. I like the design of the head as it is easier to get into my differentials which is what I bought this for on my Subaru legacy. I would recommend to others.