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  • klap24 - Could not ask for better!!!

    This generator is amazing for the price. I bought it for $250 + free shipping with amazon prime about a month before Sandy hit. As I'm writing this review we are still without power. So far 7 days and I'm been running the generator for about 12-15hrs a day to power up a freezer, a refrigerator, 55" TV, Direct TV receiver, hot forced air gas furnace, two lights, coffee machine, and phone chargers. About two days ago I started it up (which it starts with first pull every time)it ran for 10min and shut off, I tried again and it shut off again. I thought I was in trouble, but I noticed that the oil was low and there was some oil coming out of the air filter. I filled up the oil again and it's been running fine since but wanted to know if anyone else is getting oil out of the air filterer? my dad has the same unit and he has the same problem. Also the fuel gauge stopped working 3days into running it (not my dads). I'm not going to give it anything less then 5 starts cause for a little generator it sure has a lot of power, it's been running smooth and without it I'm not sure what we would have done and I'm sure when I get in touch with their customer service they will replace the fuel gauge.

  • David R. Zimm - Makes great game for little kids

    What looked like a good set turned into nothing more than a game of "how many times can you put the pieces in their place."

  • Mimir - Arrived DOA and MFGR did not help

    Arrived dead on arrival. Motor worked, but did not eject balls (the ones that came with set). Called the manufacturer directly, less then helpful when they asked me to take pictures/video of the light being on and email since they did not believe I knew how to plug it in properly. Even then, no response for several weeks and when they finally did respond it was "so how is it working".