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Liposuction & Cosmetic Surgery | Plano & Dallas, TX - Horizon Aesthetics, Vein & Laser Center is the premier lipo and vein treatment center in the Greater Dallas area. Call 972-661-8884 today!

  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/about-us/ Horizon Lipo | Liposuction | Cosmetic Surgery | Dr. Shalev - Learn all about Horizon Lipo and the amazing procedures and treatments they have to offer here - then call 972-661-8884 for a free consultation today!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/procedures/ Liposuction, Vein Treatment, Aesthetic Treatment | Plano | Dallas - See the complete list of procedures that Horizon Lipo has to offer. Want to talk about your needs? Call 972-661-8884 for a free consultation today!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/before-after-gallery/ Before & After Gallery | Cosmetic Procedures | Plano - Check out Horizon Lipo's before & after photo gallery of cosmetic procedures like Butt Lift & Lipo. Call 972-661-8884!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/visitor-information/ Visitor Information | Horizon Lipo | Plano | Dallas - Horizon Lipo offers our site visitors a variety of information about our facility and service here. Read all about it, then call 972-661-8884 for a free consult
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  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/cellulitesmooth/ CelluliteSmooth | Latest Minimally Invasive Cellulite Reduction - Dr. Shalev is now offering Plano Texas area patients our unique CelluliteSmooth procedure, using VASER or Laser Cellulite Reduction or a combination of the two
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/procedures/fat-transfer/ Fat Transfer | Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Plano Texas - At Horizon Aesthetics Vein and Laser Center, we offer the fat transfer procedure known as Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery. Improve your appeal.
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/procedures/tumescent-liposuction/ Liposuction Dallas | Tumescent Liposuction Plano - Tumescent Liposuction gives you a beautiful new you and uses a local anesthetic, so it's very safe! Call Horizon Lipo for a free consultation! 972-661-8884!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/procedures/vaser/ Vaser Liposelection Dallas | Liposelection Vaser Plano - The VASER technology is a gentle liposuction technique that will give you the body you deserve! Is it for you? Call Horizon Lipo at 972-661-8884 today!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/procedures/smartlipo-mpx/ Smart Lipo Procedure Dallas | Smart Lipo Surgery Plano - You will love the changes in your body that SMARTLIPO liposculpture gives you! Expert liposculpture - affordable costs! Call 972-661-8884 today!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/procedures/botox/ Botox Dallas | Botox Injection Plano | Botox Treatment - Learn all about Botox Cosmetic Injections here. Decide it is for you? Then you need Horizon Lipo! Call 972-661-8884 for a free consultation today!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/procedures/restylane/ Restylane Dallas | Restylane For Eyes Plano - In the market for a Restylane® Cosmetic Dermal Filler Treatment? Horizon Lipo will take amazing care of you! Call 972-661-8884 today for a free consultation!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/procedures/juvederm/ Juvederm Dallas | Juvederm Fillers Plano - Horizon Lipo is a premier provider of the Juvéderm treatment in Plano. Think it's for you? Call 972-661-8884 today for your own free consultation!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/procedures/radiesse/ Radiesse Dallas | Radiesse Fillers Plano - Horizon Lipo is a leader in the Radiesse® Cosmetic Injection Dermal Filler world. Call 972-661-8884 for your own free consultation today!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/procedures/phlebology-facts/ Phlebology Dallas | Spider Vein Treatments Plano - Learn all about spider veins and varicose veins here. Having issues with either one? You need to call Horizon Lipo! The consultation is free! 972-661-8884!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/procedures/varicose-veins/ Varicose Veins Treatment Dallas | Vein Treatment Plano - Horizon Lipo is a premier facility for Varicose Veins Treatment and Procedures. If you need this, call 972-661-8884 today for your own free consultation!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/procedures/facial-veins/ Facial Spider Veins Treatment Dallas | Spider Veins Plano - Facial Spider Veins can be treated. Horizon Lipo is the premier facility to handle this problem for you. Call 972-661-8884 for a free consultation today!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/vein-testing/ Noninvasive Vascular Vein Testing | Plano | Dallas - Horizon Lipo offers noninvasive vascular testing to map your varicose veins and completely understand your venous function. Call 972-661-8884 for a free consult
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/vein-treatments/ Vein Treatments Dallas | Varicose Veins Plano - Horizon Lipo offers EVLT, Phlebectomy, Sclerotherapy and more to treat your vein issues. Call us at 972-661-8884 for a free consultation and see what's for you!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/about-us/our-clinic/ Horizon Aesthetics, Vein and Laser Center | Plano | Dallas - Horizon Aesthetics, Vein and Laser Center focuses on medical aesthetics of the body, face and legs. Call 972-661-8884 for a free consultation today!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/about-us/our-director/ Dr. Daniel Shalev | Horizon Lipo | Plano | Dallas - Dr. Shalev has more than 30 years experience in Minimally Invasive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures. Call 972-661-8884 for a free consultation today!
  • http://www.horizonlipo.com/testimonials/ Testimonials | Smart Liposuction Procedures Plano Texas - Wow! Best experience ever! I walked in with a 48 year old body and after liposuction I look 20 years old again.

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  • Md Nazmul Ahsan - Azan don't play

    I can't figure why azan don't play, I made sure things are properly set in settings but it wouldn't play azan

  • Brackish - Nice mudgurards

    Ordered these because the OEM replacements were three times as much. Glad I did, I think they are equal to or better than the OEM. Would have been five stars but they came in with one hole missing and one of the paint protection film pieces die cut improperly. Husky acknowledged the error and made every effort to make it right very quickly. They offered to replace, however I used the OEM as a template and drilled the missing hole. You will need to save the existing screws to reuse but don't worry about getting the push pins out intact, they are not reused. Husky provides the hardware (better than OEM) to replace the push pins. They were easy to install in about thirty minutes on my 2007 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner. They are custom fit and look like they will be long lasting. So five stars on the final result, three stars on initial quality reciept, for an average of four.

  • Brooke Lynn - This stuff is awesome! I know some people reviewed that it's just ...

    This stuff is awesome! I know some people reviewed that it's just the product melting, but I don't believe that. I was sweating so much. Not only does it make you sweat, but it warms up your muscles. Usually I'm tight in certain areas during a workout, but this helps tremendously. I never feel sore the day after I work out and I just can't say enough positive feedback. It's so worth the money!

  • Leah Quezada - Not for weight loss but....

    I doubt this will help you lose weight, and taking the full dosage could make you jittery. (I couldn't take it at max long enough to see if there were reults.)

  • Paul Greenwell - Improve your game, miracles do still happen!

    I usually use either Callaway, Titleist or Nike balls. I tried these Warbirds on Saturday in my golf league and I did not lose one ball that day! And on top of that, I scored one birdie (about a 20' putt!) and one par as well. So buy these golf balls! I'm throwing out all my Titleist and Nike balls and going with Callaway Warbirds from now on. I'm thinking this could be the start of something great.

  • C W - Great third story. Realistic anger, fear, and almost hopelessness but they do not give up. Gripping story.

    Great third story. Lot of action. Well developed characters and realistic exploration of mixed thoughts, fear, and anger as battle begins. Seems almost hopeless at times but they do not give up. Looking forward to next book.

  • GALOS - A pain, but worth it

    Bought this for my '08 Unlimited Sahara. It was a pain to remove the original frame, due to a piece of metal blocking even my slender fingers, but with a screwdriver and cardboard, it came out.