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    This product is a God send!!! Our cat was literally dying with taking Methimazole as prescribed by our veterinarian. She was having diarrhea & vomiting everyday and down to 4 1/2 pounds. We were thinking of putting her down. Went on the internet & Googled natural medicine for cats with hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Support Gold from Pet Wellbeing came up. Read the reviews & ordered it. That was last Friday & with Amazon Prime shipping it came Sunday. By Tuesday we started to notice that there was no diarrhea or vomiting. Today is Thursday and things are still great. I can't say how profoundly grateful we are to have found this product. I'm going to recommend it to our veterinarian instead of using Methimazole maybe other cats lives can be saved from misery & death. Looking forward to seeing her put on a few pounds to be healthy again!

  • Sally Shannon - LOVE THIS BOOK!

    Dr. Hyman is clear and concise and, once you have everything you need, his program is easy to follow. I like that he explains the science, and the recipes are great. I don't understand the reviewers who say you have to spend money on his supplements. He clearly states in the supplements section that you can buy his, where he packages them all together, OR you can buy regular supplements. He even has a chart of what you need and how many milligrams. So I didn't feel like this was all a ploy to go buy his brand. My feeling is that you take what you can, but even if you don't take it all, some is better than none! I didn't use the fiber, for instance, but I've lost 4 pounds so far and I'm on day 6. I love the idea of a reset, and I'm feeling good and not hungry or tired. I hope to be able to maintain a healthier lifestyle after day 10. I definitely recommend this book!


    I use this for skin tags and it works like a charm.....Just remember to hold it on for 20 seconds.... I press the skin tag between the applicator tip and a tongue depressor .... Although sometimes you need help depending on the location...

  • Daniel Sturgeon - Great quick read

    Super quick and interesting read looking at the election from a saner perspective. Even though there is a left-wing bias to the story, Ronson is very quick to point out the worst of us on each side.

  • SavannahLady - I was right. As a customer, I will never get my hair bleached in a salon after reading this. Scary lack of important information

    I'm a consumer, not a hair stylist. For the life of me, I could not figure out why almost every single time I went to the salon to get my roots bleached, they kept fumbling and bumbling like clowns and burning areas or clumps of hair off, or frying my hair so that it disintegrated shortly after the appointment, then would act snotty or yell at me that they went to beauty school and know everything, so they could not ever do anything wrong. Whereas, nothing bad has ever happened at all when I bleach my hair myself at home neatly & carefully according to the directions on the package.. So I was convinced that they must not be hardly learning anything in beauty school about hair bleaching, and I ordered this book to do some detective work and find out for myself. I was right! This book has 1120 pages, but only TWO pages about how to use bleach lightener, and those two pages contain scarcely any informative or important information. It is outdated information that appears to be from 20 years ago, saying old fashioned things like "powder lighteners should never touch the scalp, but there might be new versions of powder lightener nowadays that can touch the scalp".

  • makdove - character matters

    The story was interesting and sometimes riveting. However the unnecessary cursing lowers the story to something I wouldn't want in my library. Then the attitude that paranormals have uncontrollable sex drives and multiple partners because they are so sexy? Probably full of sexually transmitted diseases because that is what multiple sex partners will get you. I thought it was kind of ridiculous the way she manipulated her boy friends, The Compasses. She had a spoiled brat quality that I didn't like.