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IDEXX Laboratories - Innovative Diagnostics and Technologies - IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., is the global market leader in diagnostics and information technology solutions for animal health and water and milk quality. We help veterinary practices worldwide advance medical care, improve staff productivity and increase practice profitability. IDEXX is also the world leader in microbiology testing technologies that ensure safe water and the top provider of diagnostic tests and health-monitoring systems for milk safety and production animal health. Find out more.

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  • http://www.idexx.no/smallanimal/small-animal-health.html IDEXX | Norge - IDEXX Laboratories, is the global market leader in diagnostics and information technology solutions for animal health.Headquartered in Maine, IDEXX employs over 5,000 people in more than 60 locations around the world. Our largest business helps more than 50,000 veterinary practices worldwide advance medical care, improve staff productivity and increase practice profitability. We accomplish this via an integrated portfolio of pet-side diagnostic tests (e.g. SNAP), point-of-care instruments (e.g. Haematology analysers: Procyte Dx and Lasercyte Dx, Chemsitry analysers: Catalyst Dx and Catalyst One Dx) reference laboratory services, digital radiography, and practice management solutions.
  • http://www.idexx.no/smallanimal/in-house-diagnostics.html In-house Diagnostics for Veterinary Practices - For veterinary practices, IDEXX offers in-house solutions to help you care for your pets and clients. Pet health diagnostics include in-house analyzers, SNAP tests, digital imaging systems and telemedicine consultations.
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  • http://www.idexx.no/smallanimal/inhouse/vetlab/procyte-hematology.html ProCyte Dx Hematology Analyzer - Three technologies for in-depth point-of-care information in two minutes: advanced five-part white blood cell differential, absolute reticulocyte count, accurate platelet counts, nRBC count, banded neutrophil count and fluid capability.
  • http://www.idexx.no/smallanimal/inhouse/snap/fpl.html SNAP fPL In-house Feline Pancreatitis Test - Test every ADR cat you see for pancreatitis and give worried cat owners the clear answers they expect. The SNAP fPL Test helps you confidently rule in or rule out pancreatitis in cats with common, nonspecific presenting signs with results in just 10 minutes. Learn more now.
  • http://www.idexx.no/smallanimal/reference-laboratories/testmenu/innovative-tests/cardiopet-probnp.html Cardiopet proBNP Test - With just a simple blood draw, the Cardiopet proBNP Test can provide more information about your canine and feline patients' heart health. Test dogs that present with murmurs and additional clinical signs and uncover hidden disease in cats.
  • http://www.idexx.no/smallanimal/inhouse/vetlab/snapshotdx.html SNAPshot Dx Analyser - SNAP, load and go for a smoother, easier work flow. Screen for many diseases in just minutes and automate your SNAP testing for better consistency. Multiple-patient testing saves time and results are automatically read and downloaded to the patient record.
  • http://www.idexx.no/smallanimal/inhouse/vetlab/smartservice.html IDEXX SmartService Solutions - IDEXX SmartService Solutions is the highest level of customer service and support in the veterinary industry. Specially trained customer support staff can remotely access your instruments so you can spend less time on the phone and more time with your patients. Learn more about current and future SmartService Solutions benefits.
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  • E. Kraemer - The 8000 Pound Gorilla

    How in the world can so many people use a product and it be so bad? I was previously using MS Office Accounting [that is a rant for another time] when they pulled the plug on their product. After listening to my accountant I decided to go with QuickBooks 2013. Not even their tech staff could migrate my MSOA database - that should have been my first clue. After the first day I was ready to throw it in the trash, but simply could not find a product to do what I wanted. The reports are a joke - what lunatic set the reports to calculate BEFORE you even set the range[s] for the thing[s] you are looking for???? Who was the idiot that does not know how an editor should work - attempting to use the description field on long notes is enough to make me want to shoot people. The Spell Checker is a joke, and that is being kind. The list goes on and on ad nauseam. This product cannot have been created by programmers, it must have been written by accountants [and I use that term loosely] that thought they understood how to program. The most simplistic jobs turn into nightmares or cannot even be done... or worse they want you to purchase the Point of Sales version. Their 2nd expensive piece of garbage. Why in the world would you need two databases just to run a simple cash draw and get a simple X-Out or Z-Out report? When you start with a pile of garbage, and you try to fix or enhance it, you still have a pile of garbage. Did you ever have a problem with the IRS where you ask one of the reps a question, hang up and call back 30 minutes later, and get a different answer? QB tech support is worse - a bunch of shoe sales people with pages of canned answers - you need to escalate the problem three levels to find out that what you want cannot be done by QB. And that Pesky Event ID 4 in the Event Logs, well that's not a real error, just ignore it... WTF!!!. How many times should an application abort and throw users into the dirt on an almost daily basis before you just say NO. Sit everybody down in a room, map out how it should work - this time with REAL accountants as well as end users - and then start from scratch. Make sure that NONE of the real programmers, people that program for a living, not a hobby, have ever seen any of the existing QB code.

  • allen greenlund - It started as an innocent prank and I almost lost my job.

    Not sure if I should rate this product a 1 or 5. It started as an innocent prank and I almost lost my job. I work in a remote location for weeks at time. Pranks are a regular mainstay to help maintain the sanity through the isolation and separation from families. For the first event I initially spritzed a rag with 3 squirts and placed it in my coworker’s office. The smell was quite strong. By the next morning when we arrived for work the smell had significantly dissipated. I removed the rag and the smell went away within a few hours. Everybody that was in on the joke laughed and made fun of his obvious lower intestinal issue and I let him in on what I had done. I then had a lapse in judgement. I have always known that when pranking at work it’s vital that you know your audience. I gave the bottle to one of co-workers and said “have fun”. That’s when the havoc began. Two days later I returned from lunch, and when I opened my office door the smell hit me like a semi-truck. WHAM, I began dry heaving immediately. I quickly shut the door to try and contain the silent turd cloud. The foul smell crept throughout the entire office complex like an invisible fetid death fog spilling from a lake of rotten sewage. I began to panic knowing my manager would soon gain purchase of the putrid smell infecting the entire building. I entered the office and fought the dry heaves in an exasperated effort to find the source and remove it. I was unable to muster the constitution to remain in the polluted stink vapor. I was soon overcome with a primal involuntary urge to hurl my undigested lunch and was compelled to exit immediately. I went to the person I had given license to funkify my office and demanded that he remove the source of the stench. Once he had double bagged the items he had generously sprayed with the Liquid Ass. We opened the office and waited for the obscene fragrance of decaying rhino ass to diminish. Soon the site manager came strolling by asking why the windows were open and proclaiming “It’s cold in here”. He promptly shut the windows. That’s when he caught a whiff of the horrible scent and began to wave his hands in the air with his head dodging back and forth looking like he was trying to evade a swarm of killer bees. Grimacing with obvious disgust he asked, “Did the toilets overflow again?”. I promptly responded that we had an “incident”, but it was under control. I had narrowly avoided further scrutiny. One hour, then 2 hours, then 3 hours past and the smell didn’t diminish. We left the door open for the night and upon arrival the next morning and found the foul stench endured. We sprayed Lysol, Febreeze, and few other odor masking agents to no avail. Day 2 arrived and the smell persisted. Knowing that I would soon be ending my shift and that my replacement would find no humor in having to work in an office with the smell of festering super sewage, I began to panic. Not wanting to see me lose gainful employment, the team rallied. We found carpet squares in a storage locker and spent the afternoon removing the old carpet, deep cleaning, and installing the new carpet. The renovation and exasperated cleaning effort was completed last night, and the faint essence of old man ass still hangs in the air. USE WITH CAUTION, this stuff is powerful. The poison is in the dose.

  • C.Perez - Problem with wheels and Horrible customer service

    I bought my stroller at a BRU a week ago. I noticed that it didn't turn well and after inspecting the wheels I noticed that one of the front double wheels didn't touch the ground. So I called customer service and got the rudest representative. She told me to take the entire stroller back to BRU, which is inconvinient for me since I live 1 hour away and have a newborn. So then she told me that she could sell me a wheel assembly, I told her it didn't make business sense for the company to take back an entire used stroller versus just sending me a new wheel and making a customer happy by not inconviniencing me with taking the stroller back to BRU. Then she said, "Fine I'll send it to you but I am not continuing this conversation with you" and she hung up on me. She hung up on me!!! Can you believe it? If BRU was nearby I would take it back right now. Combi is a horrible company.