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  • Sarah Lewitinn - Fantastic

    Even if you think you know all there is to know about the behind the scenes insanity backing Trump, there's still another layer to the onion this book offers. So fantastic.

  • Kathi Porter - Clean looking, well made, perfect fit

    Purchased DEF Aluminum Cap to replace the stock plastic one on my 2015 Eco-Diesel, perfect fit as advertised. Shipped fast, happy customer. Thank You

  • mrgoodyear - Don't waste your money. These oils likely have no therapeutic value, and are potentially dangerous

    I had been using a popular, "main brand" essential oil, but for curiosities sake, I decided to try a few other brands. People kept telling me I was over paying for oils, and there were cheap brands out there that were "just as good", "same quality", etc. I know that with the loose laws and stipulations that the government has in place for essential oils, companies can pretty much say whatever they want about their products (100% pure, therapeutic grade, etc.) without it being true at all. The only way to know for sure was to try other stuff. I had a very open mind, because if there really is something out there that's as good as what I'm using, but cheaper, I'd like to know!! The Kis website said all the right things, and was very attractive, and user friendly, but the oils were not available to purchase yet through the site, so I came to good ole' Amazon. Being somewhat familiar with the process of essential oils, I was pretty unnerved by how cheap they were.. They came fast, the packaging was nice. I opened them all up and gave them all a good sniff. Put a drop in my hands.. Continued to really experience the. I have been using essential oils for quite some time now, so I am pretty familiar with how they are supposed to smell, work, feel, etc. The aroma was pretty "off" on most of them, and the consistency was more oily that I am used to. Nothing so obvious that a brand new essential oil user would catch on to though. Well, 15 minutes later I had a throbbing headache, and was very nauseated. I am very sensitive to scented things, and synthetic fragrances. I knew without a doubt at this point that these oils are absolutely adulterated. I have never.. EVER had an essential oil cause a headache. It's quite contradictory to how an true EO is supposed to work. Anyway, since a bottle of essential oil only needs to contain a minimum of 5% PURE, UNADULTERATED essential oil in order to legally be labeled "100% pure", it is no surprise to me that these oils are adulterated. Likely containing synthetics, chemicals to enhance the fragrance, cheaper oils to make it stretch.. Don't waste your money. These oils likely have no therapeutic value, and are potentially dangerous (remember, anything you put ON your skin goes IN your body!). I'll keep using my expensive oils that I can trust, thank you.

  • Sheri - LOVE this phone case

    LOVE this phone case! The lighting really enhances photos. You can adjust the level of lighting which is great too. It is durable and you can charge your device and phone case at the same time without removing the case. Highly recommend!

  • L Kirby - Can't read the small compact print

    Was sooo looking forward to this - but the print is so small and compactly put on the page that it's hard to read.